Yarn Directory and a Tauranga Twist

untitled (14 of 20)I’m not-as-busy-as-i’d-like-to-be knitting for Greerton, Tauranga, New Zealand’s 2014 yarn bomb due sometime secret in June.

And whilst doing this I have been thinking of just starting a random post about all things yarn.

Yarn bomb.
Buying wool.

Hmm my list is not so long. Good.

This will just be a smattering of websites and maybe some images later on, and shall be continued to be added to. Please feel free to add your favourite patterns, sites, yarn bombs, places to source yarn, general fabulous sheepie ideas. You can add these in the comments at the end of this post or on the wild & grace facebook page here, or by ‘old -fashioned’ email and I’ll try and add them. Our youngest is 12 weeks and wrapped up in many layers of sheep next door, so forgive me if you don’t see additions, addition-ed quickly.

World wide knit in pubic (I mean public – oops – tee hee) day is: 14 June – 22 June 2014

Yarn Bomb sites:
twilight taggers
yarn corner
outdoor knit
Magda Sayeg (considered the Mother of yarn bombin)
knit the city

Indie dyers (New Zealand) and sometimes places to buy un-dyed wool:
vintage purls
feather brush yarns
Woolrae Studio (Te Awamutu)
f rolic n yarn (Tauranga)
stray cat sock (yarn) – Cambridge, NZ

Sites to buy yarn:
holland road yarn (Wellington, New Zealand)
bendigo woollen mills (An Australian mill recommended by an Australian gal – Kate from greedy for colour)
robyn egge yarns (Warkworth)

Inspiring knitters/crafty folk who blog or bomb:
greedy for colour
attic 24
leanne prain
grrrl + dog

Sites for inspiration (patterns, yarn):
purl bee

Yarn groups in Tauranga to join:
ninja knits – Tauranga
greerton guerilla knitters – Tauranga

Yarn events:
wild & grace crafternoon’s coming soon
handmade – bummer just missed this event on 23 may 2014 in wellington
knit august nights (Napier)
unwind retreat (Dunedin March 2015)

Tutorials online:
http://www.knitwitch.com/ – knit witch
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu0lirXV0lU38a0MlTw9h2g – knitting help

I have some gaps folks and more stuff to add, but baybee is awake, so a breastfeeding I must go.
Thanks to Emma Frost (see http://www.ravelry.com/projects/oliveandemma) for sending me some more ‘links’. A knitting we will go, a knitting…

If you like this you may like to know about our crafternoons which will make an appearance again soon my dear Bay-ites.


  1. Great idea! Add Stray Cat Sock Yarn to indie dyers for hand-dyed, self striping sock yarn. They’re in Cambridge and have awesome colours!

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