Things to do in Tauranga – June 2014

untitled (2 of 7)Hmm 7 days into the month of June. Dah well.

I missed reminding you of Tauranga’s Little Big Markets today. I forgot to go get my handful of blooms too from On My Hand. July p’aps.
Whoops I also missed Escape (the chance to hear a collection of inspiring writers share at Trinity Wharf) over Queen’s Birthday weekend – I was too happy basking in my husband at home for 3 days straight, oops 2 1/2 days, he actually went to the office Monday. Darn it.
I also missed out on the workshop Sex, Love and Relationships with Ellie Lawler last week, as baby like-minded Mums and I, were in Thames hearing Robin Grille speak (psychologist and authour of Heart to Heart Parenting and Parenting for a Peaceful World). Thanks lulastic for bringing him off the South Island.

I’m writing this month in particular cos folks have been telling me about Fantail.

From 12 June go see the film Fantail an award winning, attention got, film directed by an old flatmate, at Rialto Cinema, Tauranga.

12 June, 7pm-9.30pm, Full Moon Ecstatic Dance, at The Arty House, 372 Wairoa Rd Te Puna, Tauranga. $10. Led by Ellie Lawler, Full Moon Ecstatic dance: is a free flow dance (based around 5 rhythms moving meditation).  No experience needed. 

3 June, did anyone make it to the Non Violent Communication (NVC) intro talk. If this interests you here are a couple of contact names of people bringing this compassionate way of communicating to Tauranga. Ellie – at body, and rataroa retreats. Toni at

21-22 June, Foundations One Weekend Workshop in NVC, Tauranga. Contact Toni at restorative relationships:

untitled (1 of 7)21 June, Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year). It’s a Saturday night this year. Perhaps start your own mastercook or at least have a midwinter feast, something akin with a northern hemisphere Christmas. Roast some beast, golden some spuds, steam a pud and drink some darn good shiraz. Celebrate with whanau, make wishes and practice gratitude.

From 22 June go visit Greerton for something secret. Bake cake or biscuits, take all the family with a thermos of hot chocolate?

From 28 June, Matariki. Our playcentre is planning to make lanterns for a promenade, share kai, and star gaze with a whole lot of milos and little ones.
Matariki, or Māori New Year celebrations were once popular, but stopped in the 1940s. In 2000, they were revived. Only a few people took part at first, but in just a few years thousands were honouring the ‘New Zealand Thanksgiving’. A special feature of Matariki celebrations is the flying of kites – according to ancient custom they flutter close to the stars – extract from Te Ara.

One of these days I’m going to make an event Ellie Lawler is initiating. She shared this TED talk last week on Sexual Empowerment.

autumn 2014 (1 of 1)Speaking of TED Talks…They are coming to Tauranga in July. You can book your tickets for TEDxTauranga now.

Please feel free to add June events I’ve missed, learning opportunities or fabulous fun as a comment, or comment via, so the joy can be spread like jam.

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