Raw Milk Directory Tauranga

Here’s a directory to raw cow’s milk in Tauranga, as at September 2014

Why raw (unpasteurised, unhomogenised) milk?
Most of the websites below go into it in detail.
A lot of people allergic to dairy, can consume raw cow’s milk, to do with the enzymes in the raw milk. These beneficial enzymes are destroyed in the processed of homogenisation and pasteurisation.
Weston A.Price introduced me to the health advantages of raw milk, and other changes to nutrition such as reducing/eliminating refined sugar and gluten.

Raw Cow’s Milk
Walnut Tree Farm

Walnut Tree Farm milk is real milk, sold fresh from the farm (512 Welcome Bay Road). It’s not pasteurised or homogenised. It’s real milk, fresh daily.
Price: $2.50 per litre
Email: Info@walnuttreefarm.co.nz
Phone: 027 379 8494

Website: www.walnuttreefarm.co.nz

Winiata Farms
Tom Winiata has a milk Co operative. He is from Rotorua and has Bio dynamic cows.
Email: winiatat@farmside.co.nz
Phone: (07) 333 2617
(07) 333 2139 (To leave a message)

Once milk is ordered through Tom there are several milk depots (collection points in Tauranga) such as Bethlehem Health Shop, Wild Earth Organics, The Cow Shed (Tauranga Waldorf School).

Jane and Kevin Powell
Jane is a source of full-of -wonder information. She and Kevin have a farm in Papamoa and run cheese making classes and how to make probiotics from your pantry courses too. I have met her through Ooooby and through Transition Towns (talking about Weston A.Price). She has even been an in-home carer for friends’ children. It’s my understanding she has a small herd of jersey cows which ‘have already been spoken for’ but give her a go.
Phone: 0274058209

Real Food
Cheri and Matua Parkinson are Real Food. I played netball with Cheri in Intermediate. Our Patuwai team even travelled ‘overseas’ to Motiti Island to stay on the marae, at the end of the winter season. I remember the tractor that met us off the airstrip to take our bags back, the tiny tuck shop that opened on the Saturday and sold ‘ 50c and $1 mixtures’ and the local divers bringing kina back for their tea. Good times. They have 6 drop off points (and getting more) in the Mount, Papamoa, Tauranga, Te Puna areas.
Real Food milk costs $5.50 per 2 litres.
Website: www.realfood.kiwi.nz
Matua’s Phone: 021 1903663

Mount Wholefoods
Friends have been raving to me about Mount Wholefoods for a while. I have been using KatiKati Onion Farms (who deliver) for my fruit and veges but I must give these folks a go too. They supply raw milk among other things such as grains, nuts, spices, baking needs, fruit and vege boxes (standard or custom made). I think their website looks beautiful.
Leanne’s Phone: 021 02404437

Right Choice Live Milk
Right Choice Live Milk is ‘grown’ on the Hauraki Plains (ahh where I was born and where my Dad was a dairy farmer). I’ve just found out they drop off at The Onion Farm in KatiKati (growlink) which is where I get my fresh (this being the operative word) often local fruit and veges, free range eggs and Kaimai honey. 
Right Choice Live Milk costs $5 per 2 litres, and you pay $1 (one off cost) to join their collective.
Kaye’s Phone: 027 543 6749
Website: www.livemilk.co.nz

Raw Goat’s Milk
Nanny’s Parlour.
“Pasture fed doe’s using organic farming principles. Farm Gate Collection available now.” I saw their whimsical brochure at Wild Earth Organics, so I’d assume you could pick up your pre-paid/pre-order from there.
PH (07) 533 3774 or (027) 532 0839
307 Pukehina beach Road

Other locations (which don’t serve Tauranga but your friends may like to know about)

Raw Cow’s Milk in the Hawkes Bay
Family owned and operated by Paul and Christine Ashton. Raw milk in the Hawkes Bay have the most beautiful website of all the raw milk providers I’ve come across. Roar. It reminds me of a gorgeous book  (Vaches shot by Thierry des Ouches) I found in a bookstore whilst at an alternative music concert in the South-West of France. Mist. Flared nostrils. Swollen udders. We have so much to be thankful of our animals (and insects) for. The Ashton’s are mostly interested in providing people around the Hawkes Bay with milk but they can courier milk anywhere and have done (do do) to Taupo and Auckland.
Contact Paul

Thanks for visiting the wild and grace blogsite.
This post has had the most visits of any page – which says a lot about the need for raw milk.
Please note the date this post was written and that information changes with time. Use the contact details to confirm price, availability, pick up points etc.
If you know information above is not correct feel free to add current prices, delivery points in the comments, as site visitors can read the comments also.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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