Eczema Cures – an update

A teeny weeny post. As a follow up to my initial Eczema shout out.

For those of you suffering from eczema and/or parenting little ones suffering, I haven’t read it yet but have just been directed to:
Eczema, Cure it!
By Rodney Ford.

Dunja reminded me that Soapnuts (which can be used in the washing machine and dishwasher) are soap free, therefore helpful for someone with skin irritation. I’ve used them and loved them. This may sound pathetic but I stopped using them cos I couldn’t remember how many times I’d washed with them (you can use a handful of these ‘nuts’ from India for 4-6 loads).

I’ve been suggested Natural Aqueous Cream from John’s Photo Pharmacy

We’re adding this to her yogurt when we think to: Flora Care for kids from Metagenics – just ask the Naturopaths at John’s Photo Pharmacy as it’s an over-the-natural-counter (practitioners product) only. It doesn’t say so on the label, but it is dairy free.

Or this fish oil supplement goes into the yogurt adding a strawberry flavour: Children’s DHA (made from Arctic Cod Livers), also bought at John’s.

A teeny weeny EB update.
EB is now gluten free, except a little flour I may use in pan-frying fish and the odd biscuit she may been given whilst visiting…
We’ve reintroduced dairy (but not cow’s milk) and all seems to be going well. I’m signing up to a milk collective tonight. Face smiling.
I’ve stayed away from stove-top cooked eggs (I’ve heard eggs in cooking / baking don’t seem to cause a reaction).
Our whole family are reducing sugar at the moment, in baby steps. I’m finding all sorts of reasons to keep up the family tradition of enjoying home-baked delights. Sweet seems sweet to me. Hmmm.
We’ve even got complacent with putting Coconut Oil or Eczema Ease on her skin (mostly cos she’s protesting).
As of today she has one scratch on her back and the tops of her hands still look redder than her sister’s but she is happier than 2 months ago.

And now to continue my musings on sugar…


  1. thank you for your post on sugar.. i watched nigel latta and am now on day four of pretty damn near sugar free. the most interesting outcome is that i am not hungry in the way i was. i guess it is because i am not craving sugar, which i have interpreted as hunger. Now that sugar is out of the equation, Iam happy to eat till iIam full and then simply stop. unheard of before!! thank you.

    1. Yes, I am gaining more and more courage and curiosity to become refined sugar free. it would be a large breakthrough for me to become ‘sweet free’. a journey? a destination? am writing part 3 now. Well done you for being on day 4. very inspiring.

  2. Hello! I came across your blog tonight after attending pennie brownlee a month ago in waihi and then getting all excited and wanting to keep learning more! I’m a PC mum at mount maunganui. Anyway just wanted to tell you that I keep using my soap nuts until they stop smelling vinegary – as soon as I can’t smell them any more which works out to be about 4-5 washes I get a new lot. I was the same as you didn’t want to use then because I didn’t know how long! But I’m super happy with them now and dumped all my other stuff over 2 years ago. Hope that helps! Thanks for the great posts! Really inspiring 🙂 will keep reading now!

    1. Hi Toni

      Thanks for the soapnuts tip.
      I think I will re-try.
      I have booked in to see Christine O’Reilly too.
      I’m just writing some thoughts up about sugar.
      I bet we bump into each other as I’m keep to get Penny down here again next Autumn.
      Love and Life

  3. Ok third time trying to get this comment down! It’s getting shorter every time !

    Love your writing. Thank you for sharing your ideas and journey!

    I loved your post about pennie brownlee as I just went to her workshop in waihi a few weeks ago and now can’t get enough of her work !

    Just wanted to drop in and say that I had same prob with soap nuts but then I realised that they stop working once they lose the vinegar smell – after about 4-5 washes. I have been using them for over 2 years after they cleared up my baby’s horrible horrible nappy rash when I started washing her nappies with them!

    Loved your crochet post! I am a mad crocheter after learning to crochet as a way of de-stressing after work! No longer working – still crocheting.

    Anyway! Thanks for the blog, ideas, inspiration and questions to ponder.



  4. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog. My sister and her husband started “The Eczema Diet” with her 2 and 3 year old daughter’s last year and have had good results.
    I saw one of your posts about a fruit stand on 10th Ave, which end of 10th ave is it? I see he has walnuts which I’m wanting!
    We are also removing refined sugar from our diet. I’ve done it in the past, but was lured back to the dreaded sugary stuff again! I’ve removed it again because of advice from a naturopath and I’m going to stick to it this time for health reasons! An added bonus is the weight loss 🙂 Maybe the post-babies weight will finally shift (nearly four years later!!)…

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