Latta, you left out this – response to Latta’s sugar show – part 5

My feeling is Latta’s Sugar Show hits people in different ways.
Like I said in one of the first posts – I cook from scratch, so I (and my whanau) are not consuming hidden sugar in packeted/canned ready-made meals or sauces.
I am one of those I‘m planning to eat sugar (sweet) types.
I’m anti soft drinks.
I have always been ‘mean’ or ‘strict’ as my Aunty brands me, and not given our 4 and 2 year old fizzy, lollies, store bought iceblocks, packeted biscuits, and most of our sweet food is homebaking apart from the odd ice-cream cone.

I take Nigel’s point(s)
– let’s read the labels
– let’s understand a high (animal and nut oil, not seed oil) fat diet  is healthy ‘now’. Sugar is the new no-no food. Is it in fact a food? Should I say ingredient with it’s no-nutritional value?

But where I think Latta could be catching a bigger boat is:

My body is my temple

TV 1/ Latta could be inviting us to think of good or real food in general.

Organic VERSUS pesticided fruit and vegetables.
Seasonal and local fruit and veges VERSUS imported.
Mature fruit and vegetables VERSUS produce picked and packed before it is ripe.

Because surely the point is nutritional value.
The point is do we in fact know what we are consuming and its effect on our body/health.

The other point that is being whispered and needs to be called is:

Currently, to eat a varied diet with fresh fruit and vegetables and made from scratch takes money and time.

We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children (under 5 years) eating solids (the 3rd child is just beginning).
We spend 25% of our weekly income on food. I have no idea as to whether this is high or low.
We eat meat/fish every night (and sometimes for lunch too) – spending an average of $13 a dinner on meat.
We don’t buy organic fruit of veges (yet?)
We do buy specialty items such as fresh salmon, almond flour, coconut sugar, maple syrup, free-range eggs , raw cow’s milk.

How do all homes manage to afford ‘real’ food?
Has food always been this expensive?
What can we as a community do to access cheaper food?
Can the government do anything to lower the price of real food – fruit, veges, meat?

How do all families manage to cook a meal from scratch each night?
I am a stay-at-home Mum. My husband gets home around 5.30pm and baths the children whilst I stand at the stove for about 45 minutes to 1 hour each night.
I know many Mums who have partners who come home between 6pm and 7pm each night and others who travel for their work so don’t come home each night for dinner at all, and of course there are plenty of homes functioning with 1 parent (adult) 24/7.
In the environment we have created where 1 adult tends to multiple children is it any wonder we are not eating with nutrition always in mind – but this is another post (Mums – how to help each other when your Mum is not around).

The other side point for tonight before I reach my main point is:

We all need to keep questioning (reading, listening, talking) observing and in fact digging for current information about all matters to do with our health.
Most of us are frightened to find and maintain ‘self – authority’.
Most of us trust doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health practitioners, the news on TV, institutions such as schools and the way government is structured, corporations which control what is deemed acceptable or ‘safe’ and ‘dangerous’ .
Science seems addicted to the idea of evidence, yet it seems to me evidence is synonymous with argument. I am still a young woman (getting close to my 40s) but I’m picking up that any of us can find information (anecdotes, findings, statistics) to back up any of our opinions.

I’d like to see us learn to listen to our instincts.
Have the confidence and energy to ask (for a 2nd or 3rd opinion).
Stand up for change.


  1. Great Part 5, Emily… My knee jerk response to your article, was OFFAL! It’s very cheap and highly nutritious (especially if organic/grassfed)…. I/we don’t eat any, but I’ve been meaning to introduce it to our weekly menu.

    “Organ meats are the most concentrated source of just about every nutrient, including important vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and essential amino acids.”

    I’ve been meaning to try the 50/50/50 burgers (mince, liver, bacon) – Coles Butcher sell all types of organs, but when I asked about mincing it for me, they unfortunately can’t mince anything less than 5kg, so suggested using a blender…. Shall we give it a go next BBQ night?

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