AVOS – your local avocado stop

avos 2014 (32 of 32)Our whanau love avocados.
My husband had dreams of raising an avocado tree after one sprouted in the compost.
Unfortunately, my dahlia forest has dwarfed it.
Dah well, the trio of rhododendron will just have to go in that pozie, sucker lucker.

Avocados can make or break a particular meal, in my opinion. And you’re welcome to eat anything in my home except that avocado I have ripening in the ornate pink fruit bowl Marilyn Cleland gave us for our wedding present.
That maturing avocado has a date with me and tacos, or me and homemade sushi, or me and my rocket and parmesan salad, or me and panfried salmon and rice as an go-to-simple-kids-dinner whilst we have curry.

Sometimes I get caught unawares – some unassuming person (husband, child, canine?) eats it when I have my guard down.
On such occasion a post like this would’ve been oh such a relief.

It’s avocado season again folks (October) and our beautiful, bay of plenty of avocados and kiwifruit, is producing again.
The supermarkets often have a plentitude of fruit, but rarely do they stock avos just right for tea tonight.
Here’s where the local stall with the cash honesty box, kicks in.

Below a…

Bay’s Brief Avocado Guide – where to nab AVOS on the kerbside in Matua/Otumoetai/Bethlehem

Fairly permanent stalls:
365 Otumoetai Road
AVOS written on a white sign with red writing on the ground at the base of the power line.

402a Otumoetai Road
Green painted wooden stall.
AVOS on a green and white sign

116 Ngatai Road (beside golf course carpark)
Avocados, tomatoes red writing on a white wooden sign

117 Carmichael Road (opposite Bob Owens retirement village)
Red Stall with orange painted avocados and red painted oranges sign

Buckets / Bins (obviously 1-man-bands):
114 Kings Avenue, Matua
Polysterene box. White sign wth black writing on kerbside.

70 Matua Road
Lime green plastic bucket.

1 Maxine Place, Matua
An old freezer basket ontop of a wooden child’s table.
The home/clinic of Jo from the The Natural Therapy Clinic

Friends have been telling me of their avo, banana, chocolate mousse. I have yet to track down an official recipe. But Kellie (should-be-blogging-Kellie) shared this one after I harassed her and her My Darling Lemon Thyme Cookbook.
NB: It doesn’t have avocado as an ingredient, but is it mousse and it is chocolate and it is reportedly yum (without sugar).

Share the love friends.
Give me some addresses to add to this Bay’s Brief Avocado Guide.


  1. Have you added Jo Douglas – the Natural Therapy clinic as a FB friend? She has a big avo tree )they live opposite the Matua Pub) and being a very cool natural therapy person – and with kids who have allergies, she is always posting supercool natural recipes

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