Eczema Cures – a second update

I should be doing the shopping online…
Such fun having a blog to procrastinate with.

Esther’s skin is looking fairly fabulous right now folks.

If you’ve just jumped on, I’ve written two stories prior to this, if you want to go backwards and read them first.

4 weeks ago we all managed to safely make our way down Christine O’Reilly‘s silly-steep driveway, past (was it a boat) and a few garden fairies (or was it a caravan) through the gate with the broken latch into her clinic. The wild wind blew us in and as I write this all up, it did perhaps feel like making a pilgrimage to visit a witch.

My 3 children loved her, which is unusual for the first born.

I loved the colour therapy she used – I think that’s what it’s called. She asked EB to choose – purple it was, on this October morning. Christine also gave EB some Bach Flower (Elms) Remedy to sniff.

Through muscle testing (applied kinesiology) using me as a surrogate mostly, Christine suggested we:
1) stop using the liquid fish oil from John’s (it has the strawberry flavouring in it, which was reacting with Esther). Instead Christine gave us a couple of GNLD fish oil capsules to take home. She also pointed out kids don’t seem to mind the fishy taste, and she was spot on. My kids chewed on them, and loved them. We in fact refered to them as fish lollies.
2) up the dosage of probiotic (2/3 teaspoon was recommended on the bottle). Christine suggested 2 teaspoons per day (I’ve used Mama instinct and opted for 1 teaspoon).
3) minimise the nightshades (potato, capsicum and tomato). I think she said have them on a rotational diet. And my understanding of this was eat them once and then not again for 7 days and look to the health after eating.
4) eradicate (until further notice) ALL dairy. Argh. I probed in the consult, what about ghee, raw cow’s milk, hard cheeses, acidophilus yogurt. Nope. Avoid ALL Dairy. I even phoned back to query again. Humph. Nope. Pinch of hope: Sometimes the body needs complete rest from a food type but can happily evolve to being able to assimilate it after this ‘holiday’.
5) Urtica Urens (30 c, once a day, for 3 days) which I bought from Selene Homeopathics
6) Rescue Remedy (to spray in the mouth when EB got upset) and to spray on the area when she itched.

I um-ed and ah-ed about writing the above down as each child/patient is completely different. If you come to this blog wanting to help someone with eczema I implore you to go to a doctor and get a specific treatment rather than trying the above. I say this because another friend’s daughter had eczema and visited Christine who told her to eliminate tomato and citrus. Each person is different.

I had also followed an allergic generalisation and I had tried my best Emily efforts at an elimination diet (prior to Christine’s visit). The whole family cut out dairy and gluten for 6 weeks. I’d then reintroduced dairy (because I LOVE dairy) and felt EB’s skin was okay. I then surmised EB was ‘intolerant’ to gluten. We reintroduced dairy and started to eat gluten free bread and more rice products. After a while EB’s skin started to take on the dry reddish tinge (although she wasn’t scratching). Then we went away for 4 days and I didn’t ‘apply our eating rhythm’ and the patch between her shoulder blades became scratched and bleeding in places.

I’ve heard this before, when I also questioned gluten (doubting Christine’s diagnosis) she kindly suggested if we cut out food groups when we are not intolerant to them, we can then create an intolerance.

The aspect I found most enlightening was Christine asked:
“Can you remember, when it was, that the skin started to flare up?”

I said change of season, Autumn. I wondered if it was because we weren’t in so much sunshine? Perhaps because we weren’t using the zinc based sunscreen on the skin (which may have been inadvertently helping the eczema)? Perhaps because I’d just introduced merino skivvies?

Christine said, skin difficulties relate to:
Not being happy in my skin.
Something getting under my skin.

She asked:
When was EB’s brother born?

March. Autumn. Change of season.

Food for thought. Our little EB has always been sensitive and a complete delight. Gentle. Loving. Sensational actually. It was sad for me wondering if we’d not clocked her ‘disturbance’ fully. Perhaps we could have acknowledged it further? I’m not sure we ever even talked about it with her. This reminds me of a Pennie Brownlee post (I’ll try to dig it out). pennie brownleeFound it. Pennie is a gift to Aotearoa. You can do one of her parenting courses (she’s very funny, she’s brings the most interesting, committed cross section of people together), subscribe to her quarterly FREE newsletter, like her facebook page and receive inspirational posts with enchanting art work, or read her blog.

I have been stopping and seeing time to give EB extra hugs, kisses, swings, acknowledgments.

We’d already signed up to Raw Cow’s milk (through our weekly fruit, egg and vege Kati Kati onion farm (growlink) delivery). So now, first born and I are hoeing our way through 2 litres every week. Our little middle girl has been doing the almond milk thing. I’d nearly found the courage and energy to pursue Raw Goat’s Milk (because I’m in favour of real over processed) but I’ve decided to shelf the idea until we know if DAIRY free is a short term food rhythm or a longer one.

If you’re looking for Raw Goat’s Milk in the Bay check out Nanny’s Parlour.
PH: (07) 533 3774 or (027) 532 0839.
I’m assuming you can pre-pay/pre-order direct with Nanny’s Parlour which is based in Pukehina and pick-up from Wild Earth Organics, 777 Cameron Road, Tauranga, because I found their whimsical brochure there.
I did hear the Fruit and Vege shop at the bottom of the Oropi Hill (near the roundabout) sells Raw Goat’s Milk too.

I’ll be honest. Muscle Testing still doesn’t sit comfortably with me. I got the feeling Christine was somehow channeling some’thing’,’being’? She was definitely listening very attentively. I did enjoy the whole experience too. Wanting to apply words to it, so others may be ‘couraged’ to try, the experience did feel pragmatic, next to, quite magical.

EB used to have a dry cough through winter too (this was infact before her brother was born on the earth, but since his borning in my belly). I’ve noticed this cough return if I am carefree and allow a bit of yogurt or cheese to slip into the mix. When I’m being clear and committed EB follows my lead.

Usually I just say, Dr Christine said EB can’t eat this at the moment.
Or, EB can’t eat sour cream at the moment because of your itchies…
Or, EB can eat this another time.

I still haven’t gone to pathlab for the prick test as I feel it’s best to avoid any unpleasant experiences unless completely necessary.

I haven’t paid John’s $120 for the hair test either, as Christine (and a couple of others) have said the hair test usually finds the same thing as Christine.

I still have (up my sleeve) the possibility of doing some Meridian Testing through a Hungarian friend of a friend who is starting up a clinic. I will report back if / when we make it there.
I also have wanted to talk with Mike Godfrey (is he from the Environmental Health Clinic)?
We will go back to Christine sometime, before or after Christmas (methinks). She is $50 per session. To be honest if she says still dairy free, I’ll go for a second (different) opinion.

I’ve been having some very enlightening conversations with Rachel from Wild Earth Organics who has said all 4 of her children suffered from eczema (even before they were given solids) and to the point that the doctor on A and E (who saw her first born son) said it was the worst case of eczema he’d ever seen (with 80 percent) of her son’s body affected. This A and E doctor’s prognosis was a lifetime of steroids. Rachel got sick at some point and didn’t eat for 2 days and noticed her son’s skin looked better (keeping in mind he was only ingesting breast-milk at the time). After 4-6 weeks of Rachel eliminating her son’s trigger foods, from her own diet, his skin totally cleared up.
Rachel said gluten, soy milk and dairy were the most common food allergies (contributors to eczema). She said other soy based products such as soy sauce, tamari etc weren’t a problem. Soy milk is particularly bad because of the concentrated volume of soy beans used. Soy as a plant draws aluminium from the soil and is very high in estrogen.

We haven’t been using any lotions, oils, oat baths…
EB’s skin is A okay.
I can’t think of any other changes that we’ve made except more physical touch (EB’s love language?) cuddles, gentleness and emotional connection time.

I did struggle (in my head, and preparation) with the dairy free thing.
Christine said often what we don’t want to do is what we need to do the most.
I’ve also allowed myself (ourselves as a family unit) to fall off the dairy wagon too.
I see and believe that stress and anxiety are toxic and so I choose to practice flexibility.

Go well with your journey to health and happiness.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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