Camping – tips on what to take

Trailoftears022A week ago I wrote up some prices and stand out features (gleaned from website descriptions) of family friendly campgrounds within 1 hour’s drive from Tauranga.

THEN, Mrs Coleman fed this to facebook
Top camping tip for when staying in camping ground, the inaugural Coleman family camping adventure?

What happened next was a) I cracked up ( a lot of times) b) I wanted to come up with a neat, top notch original suggestion (one that nobody had thought of and that would somehow save the day. In hindsight I wanted to be a hero) and c) I stole tips and d) I went cheeky cheeky christmas on it and thought let’s make this into a blog post.

So, what happens now is I…cut…and…paste.
AND, go.
37 comments follow. I was gonna make a concise list at the end to be extra helpful. But, is that helpful or is that boring and undoes the fun-tab-ulous feed.

Jeremy says: Mt Maunganui Beachside holiday park. Great for families.

Isla writes: I generally try not to let it get too far past midday before I have a beer. Tends to make everything run a lot more smoothly.

Tanya suggests: Enrol the kids in the local nippers programme if you’re near one. Fun with other kids for them and a couple of hours peaceful beach time for you (& I’m with Isla on the beer!)

Kelson adamants: Don’t set up near the toilet block… Smell and noise pollution. Have a separate little pup tent as a play room for the kids.

Sue confesses: Glamping

Julie excites: Be prepared to not get a lot of sleep but to have a lot of fun. On that, make sure you get the best quality mattress you can afford. Kids will sleep on whatever, they will be shattered. Lots of snacks to keep daytime energy levels up. We love camping!!!

Sarah Rose poses:  I like sleeping near the toilet block so I can go quickly in the night. Difference between boys and girls I guess (Kelson?)

Pick Pocket shouts: TAKE…SHELTER… MUST TAKE SHELTER. ie an ezi up gazebo thing. Two chili bins AT LEAST. If you’re near water, life jackets for the kids.. Makes it more fun for them and less stressful for you. A BBQ is really useful esp. one with a lid.

Leigh advises: Always have wine on ice. always.  Put blankets UNDER the airbed to keep you warmer at night. Bring a duvet rather than sleeping bags – you feel classier. Bring flowing soap and hand sanitiser. Always bring a soda stream.

Emily FOMOs: Which one are yous goin to?

Emily continues (after no reply to intial FOMO post): Lots of supermarket plastic bags, 1 torch per person, many click clack containers for putting food inside before you put it in the ice/water (oops I mean chilli bin).

Sarah happyplaces: vodka, lots of vodka

Philippa concurs: Air beds are freezing. Definitely blankets between you and the bed. Good snacks to make you feel a bit normal. Good food and prep knives. Comfortable seats!

Hayden amplifies: Music. Must have music.

Katie succincts: Floor mats from Kmart lifts you off tent floor not so drafty, water container, soda stream, decent food well as much as it can be, washing line…gazebo or awning -somewhere for kids to hang out

Liisa punctuates: Baby wipes. Pegs. String. Spare tarp. Gumboots. Toilet paper

Emily returns: yes wet weather gear (or rubbish bags) and cold weather gear. a merino skivvy to sleep in. a woolly hat. ugg boots?

Fleur  encourages: pegs, lots of spring pegs – and cable ties!!!!! Awesome to hang up everything and neither take much space xxx HAVE FUN!!!

19 more to go.

Fleur additions: Also the big “Island” mats you can get from end of Dominion Road… they cover the floor and the sand falls through the cracks! Love those things

Philippa reiterates to not under-estimate: Warm clothes!

Leigh I-don’t-knows : The Baddeleys??

Susanna warms: know where your friends live nearby who have houses and hot water! you are very welcome anytime!

Sue funs: Definitely a big roll of black rubbish bags, very useful if you get flooded out for quickly bagging up stuff or as raincoats or sliding down hills etc etc

Karyn nails it: Brush and pan… Hate all that grass and sand in the tent.

Leigh Macyver’s it: and use your car mats as door mats to keep your feet dry and clean!!

I just realised where Bear Grylls came from. Copier.

Zoey links with the tootsies theme: Bucket of water at the tent door to wash feet

Tanya offers:  Issy – are you going powered or non-powered? We have all sorts you are welcome to borrow, since we’ve had the summons to spend this xmas hols at parents’ bach this year x

Etomia congratulates: Camping! Wow good on you, the best I do is a bach without a dishwasher!

Tia thinks of the erecter: Good Lighting torches water storage extra gazebo for communal entertaining eating space pup tent ( we have 10 you can borrow) for storing stuff so the car iz free and tent floor tidy put everything in plastic bins before you go easy to put in car set up and pack up. Pack of cards for wet weather. Shower bladder bliss after being in salt water / sand all day. Take extra pegs for securing in wind and a good mallet save James back.

Tia thinks of her friend’s marriage: Outdoor survivalist expert hubby’s top tip Don’t go camping especially with kids.

Justine exterminates: Those mosquito burning spirals & citronella candles to keep bugs away

Vanessa cheers: You guys will ace it, or at least give the rest of us some funny pictures to look at

Helen jargonsthat would be an unpowered camp site!

Tanya glamps: In that case, would you like a little fridge?! Serious glamping but it’ll change your world! Just think, frozen meat, ice cubes, cold milk/wine…

Rachel also shouts: Wine!!!

Nicky gratefuls: This is invaluable Issy’s network. I am taking my girls camping for 2 nights at Goat Island in January due to husband refusal to camp. We have a very small tent and that is all! I think mattress is priority.

Hayley fishes: Salt ice for chilli bin ( if not taking a fridge .. lasts a lot longer..

And some late entries:

Dylan soothes: First thing we pack is the stovetop coffee pot. Then we pack the red wine (no need to keep it cold)

Belinda pragmatises or plays? Make sure you take a spade! (to dig holes? For sandplay or poose I wonder).

Sarah medicals: Insect repellent and jandals.

5192e89685c4680306Issy’s friend’s missed?


I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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