Education – some stuff I’ve found inspiring and interesting

11011702_809434882458662_2773003171164015033_nThis is a wee baby of a post.

I’ve been exploring education over the past month and hope to share some findings with you at some point.

But here, by way of a bookmark and thirst quencher, is a couple of links that ‘lit me up’.

Ken Robinson’s best TedTalk in the world on: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

Montessori and Observing our Children

Comparison Among Froebel, Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf-Steiner Methods (that look to ‘educate’ the ‘whole child’).

On my non-fiction-books-to-read-list via the wonderful Tess Gamble of Whakamarama hill is:

The Call to Brilliance by Resa Steindel Brown>

This image and text comes from Pennie Brownlee’s life-changing facebook page titled: Dance with me in the Heart. She has a blog too. wild & grace is bringing her back to Tauranga to teach “You’re not the Boss of Me” and “Sacred Urge to Play” at the end of October. If you like it, you should like her FB page.

PS. Must read Alfie Kohn too.

C’est tout mes amis.
Until next time.
Nanu nanu.

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