3 filmed conversations that changed my life and yours?

1401672_208428902664198_1267496015_oThe Tibetan Book of Living and Dying suggests we die as we live.

When i worked as an actor i found it difficult to cry on queue. Some of my peers had effortless beautiful tears that ran from open hearted eyes. I was better at laughter. They say laughter and tears are synonymous and can float and flip into each other, which brings me back to a Lecoq or Phillipe Gaulier acting ‘exercise’ where 4 actors sit side by side on a bench and ‘pass an emotional state’ like a chinese whisper to each other. Once joy, or anger, or sadness, or fear, or love get to end of the line the person on the edge notches the emotion up a level and feeds it back to their neighbour. The idea is to receive the emotion and pass it on in the same frequency or potency until the end people accelerate the emotion. It is both cathartic and infectious to watch and participate in.

In wondering why tears were laboured for me i became more conscious of when they are not. LOVE. when i perceive great love between people, tears come. Wakes, departures, farewells, funerals, tangi, mourning, perceived loss undoes me.
Fear doesn’t.
Love does.

Here are 3 filmed conversations of a sort

1) Is about living
2) Is more about dying
3) Is possibly about it all
all feature love of a sort

1) Jim Carrey is a funny man. But he’s deeply profound, too — a side he revealed to graduates at Maharishi University. While his entire speech is inspiring, we jumped to 10:18, where the punch to the heart begins…

2) Anita Moorjani died and came back to life. She had a near-death-experience. This tale of how she died and what she came to realise during her NDE is life-changing.

3) Joseph Campbell is one of my heroes. His notion of “Follow Your Bliss” is what seeded wild & grace.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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