Come for a laugh – Laughter Yoga

greatma visit may 2014 (5 of 8)You are invited to a laughter pick-me-up.

Laughter Yoga   15 August 2015   Ohauiti Hall

If you missed this, fear not. Laughing Yoga features in a little YOGA festival, 18-20 September 2015, Mt Maunganui.

We are meeting in August to have a good laugh or not. Some may come and manage an inaudible ha – ha. Just like a ‘body’ yoga class, the laughing kind invites you (as Nirvana calls) to ‘come as you are’. There is no right or wrong way to laugh. Your laugh may be quiet, unable to be heard even, it may be as loud as the tuis in my garden right now.
Your job is to turn up, the rest will follow.

I asked one of our teachers, “What happens if nothing happens for me – no laughter comes?” She informed me that the body doesn’t know the difference between fake and real laughter. “Fake it till you make it,” she said. You may start with a slow and pretend Ha       Ha. Gradually the gaps between the ha-s may shorten until there’s a hint of a giggle. Ha Ha is a joyous sound, a sound that tells your body – I’m happy.

Dr Madan Kataria (a medical doctor) from India started Laughter Yoga and there are now laughter clubs giggling all around the world.
His home page bullets this:

Easy and fun exercise for health and happiness
Reduces Stress Instantly, strengthens immune system
Keeps you in good mood and cheerful throughout the day
Oxygenates your brain and makes you feel more energetic
Keeps positive mental attitude in difficult times.

His site is adorable, complete with video links for those who wish to be prepared and is worth a click.

wild & grace are cooking up A Little Yoga Festival to welcome in Spring.
Whilst programming the assortment of Yoga forms for the festival (in 7 weeks time) i came across Laughter Yoga.

I’ve been oogling and ogling Prana Festival for years now. And in one such session quizzing friends about ‘Yoga Fest’ who are Prana regulars they went,

“Oh, oh, and you could offer laughing yoga.”

Curiosity hit.

I asked FB “Laughter Yoga teachers in the Bay?”. Nic Mitchell from The Little Green Room directed me to Jamie Chick.

Curiosity lingered.

Jamie lives overseas reported the wonderful Erika van Oirschot (former owner of The Mount Yoga Studio) and i can lead a laughter yoga session and i know someone else who may be interested in ‘having a laugh with us’.

That someone else is Trish Baars, a Laughter Club co-founder.

I offer us:
Laughter Yoga
3.30pm – 4.15pm
Saturday 15 August
with Erika van Oirschot and Trish Baars
at Ohauiti Settler’s Hall, 459 Ohauiti Rd, Tauranga (4.5 kms up Ohauiti Rd)
Sessions are open to all ages and levels of fitness.
Cash on the door or internet banking before the day
Adults $10, Children FREE

This is a family friendly event. Children are welcome.
Trish has commented children up the age of 7 years, love it.
But above 7 years children can become more reserved about being in a laughing club with Mum or Dad.

About our teachers:
10968388_10152564642795780_5920165594520013179_nErika lives at the Mount and offers Hawaiian Bodywork for energy and massage therapy and teaches Bikram Yoga. She has taught Yoga in the United States, Canada and Australia, coming to New Zealand in 2006 to take over the Mount Yoga studio, which she has recently sold. Erika practiced laughing yoga with the aforementioned Jamie Chick and tells a delightful story of having a spontaneous session of laughter at The Mount Hotpools. Erika:

unnamed (1)Trish also lives at the Mount. Trish has been practicing laughing for 2 years, since meeting her mentor Hannah Airey who runs The Giggles Laughter Workshops. In 2013 Trish became a certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator of the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and in 2014, co-founded one of Christchurch’s Laughter Clubs. Trish is hooked on laughing. She says, “It’s the best medicine, physiologically, physically and psychologcially. It’s better than walking up the Mount.” Trish:

Are you curious?
Come for a giggle.

Book with: Emily from wild & grace
021 662 852

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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