Yoga Tribe with Coka at The Mount

Once a week on a Wednesday morning i have scheduled help with my littlies.
This is often when i write. It is sometimes when i grudgingly do ‘home admin’ like find library books and catalogue clothes the kids no longer fit. Seldomly and hopefully becoming oftenly, i treat my body. I move, or walk, or get body work, and most recently have started yoga-ing again.


Timetable+2015Anytime i find bliss i wanna share it. So, here goes.

A couple of cold Wednesday’s ago volvo and i cruised across the harbour (using the bridge) rather than some fancy pants Swedish hoovercraft capabilities. We got a bit of help with clarifying which Scout Hall to head to (at the Mount) and turned into Valley Road where yoga-mat-hugged-to-chest i disembarked and birkenstocked my way up the path to the un-insulated Hart Street (accessed off Valley Road) Scout Hall.

Before anyone gets put off by the mention of cold, let it be known, i’m including such environmental information more for comedy’s sake than as a review feature. The yoga temperature was a slice of typical kiwi living -the sort that sees us standing around heaters like they are open fireplaces. Our intimate yoga class-ee-s, simply kept our woolens on until Coka got our bodies moving, and lickity-split, my layers were being piled onto the floor.

Coka’s class with her Yoga Tribe was a beautiful beginning (again) to my yoga practice. There were lightly scented candles glowing around the room – their dance enticing my winter-mama-seized-body to limber. A relaxing playlist was melod-ing its way through the space. And the most refreshing or unique moments of Coka’s Yoga Tribe classes were the beginning and end. The session started with Coka spraying an enlivening mist of ‘her new favourite’  pranatherapy across our mats – a thoughtful touch i noted.

The ‘choreography’ of her class reminded me of the first classes I did (20 years ago?) – the Iyengar classes of Auckland Yoga Academy, with some sun salutation additions. I sensed she’d planned the class, and then organically edited it (adding and subtracting) to give the ‘creatives’ (people working at computers) in front of her a catered-for class. We did an eyeball exercise to release the tension from our pupils looking at screens. And the wrist stretch she led was a newbie and a goodie for me too.

downloadCoka has a caring presence. She holds the class – in all senses of the word. She has a groundedness which brings a strength, to accompany the caring maternal quality she gives also.

I enjoyed the hour (or so) with Coka complete with teeki tights.

The piece de resistance was when she pressed essential rose oil between my eyes whilst in shavasana, and did she press down on the tops of my feet and my shoulders?

I can only imagine her summer series of classes overlooking the beach for sunset are quite something.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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