a little YOGA festival – my POA

Facebook Cover Imageit’s late but not as late as it has been.

dog is asleep on the Moroccan (2 x r, 1 x c nope 1 x r, 2 x c and a capital M) rug but he’ll give up and climb onto the couch as he hears me slipper down the hall.

we’ve done it a little YOGA festival has 3, 2, 1 blasted off, the wesbite i mean website that is. good gracious, what a process.

tears of terror, sleepiness and exaltation have seen my cheeks these last weeks.

what is it you ask?

our boutique-est homemade festival of joya i mean yoga (gotta call it a night) hosts 20 teachers, mostly local and a smattering of skill from the big smokes. they are offering 16 types of yoga and some. tribal dancing, songs in sanskrit, satsang, relaxation, shiatsu bodywork, drumming, library-ing, talking, laughing and being with like-minded people together, alone.

what i feel happy in my heart about is, there are classes, and events for our tamariki too. i can’t wait to take my family (complete with ear muffs) to Rise & Shine an event all the way from Wellington. Rise & Shine is a day-break dance party which sports, great beats, free massage stations, honest coffee, food truck, a dress up box and more.

i’m hatching plans to convert our side-yard to camp-city and invite my big-smoke friends to meander there way down to our slice of paradise in the Bay.

i’m so curious to see what you want to book? how have you designed your weekend of wellness?

i’ll go if you go…

i’m totally going to everything on the menu on Friday night. i plan to get saturated. i’m gonna start with trying Naam Yoga (for the first time). naam is actually the reason there’s a yoga festival. a dear friend anna-baa-nana practices Naam in Auckland. she has been inviting me each time i visit Auckland to come with her. but the timing has never resolved itself. i suggested her teacher come to Tauranga and i would find space and students for her. then another dear friend who i sing spontaneous rounds with most often, visited the Bay in summer and said she, ‘felt to Yoga’. i promptly set about offering her a smorgasbord of classes and teachers. it was then that i was struck by the calibre of our yoga teachers in The Mount, Tauranga and surrounding areas. i felt the energy, commitment, generosity and love these teachers had for their practice and their students. i was inspired. i am tangent-ing. somehow, one sunny conversation after another, a little YOGA festival was born.

my POA…

naam yoga opening (a koha class). you give what you can and/or what you feel (either at the beginning or the end of class). if you don’t have money you come anyway. your presence is enough.

greatma-visit-may-2014-5-of-8then a will stay for satsang (koha also). i LOVE satsang with Erin. i have written a lot, under the radar, about the gifts or benefits of Satsang. it’s as a yoga class for me. i come home rested, joy-ed up, clearer and shifted. when i leave Satsang’s room my mind, heart and believe or not ‘body’ feel more comfortable than when i entered. i call it a philosophy evening. And whilst most of the time we listen to Erin speak about a ‘question’ or a ‘focus’ for that particular night, there is space to ask questions also. i enjoy being in the presence of people who want to make a difference, who want to bring all of themselves to life and their relationships. there is a sense people want to grow backwards or return? i like this. i like inquiry.

then chakradance in the lamplight and perhaps a walk through the salty air of a Maunganui night to drink chai cups and feel the drumming with Tauranga fire and drums against the ocean at Mt Drury.

Saturday – there’s little chance i’m missing shiatsu bodywork with Autumn. for my drama school buddies – it’s the roots of manipulation, from Mintanaka’s Butoh, that we did with Lyne Pringle in movement class. bring back manipulation and muscle and bone. watch this space. my husband is coming with me, for a date-day-with-a-difference. i’ve been dying to try kirtan, so as soon as i lock in a teacher for this, i will feel satisfied and i will sing my heart out under the candle-light.

who could miss YogaRhythms (Kara-Leah Grant and R.I.A) at Mauao Performing Arts Centre (MPAC)? i went last time they were here and made new friends (sarah and molly) and felt ecstatic.

Sunday – my whole tribe will be at Rise & Shine the day-break dance-party for all the whanau at MPAC. But we’ll come after laughing yoga which starts at 9.00am-9.45am at Banks Hall (a 10 minute canter from MPAC).

anti-gravity yoga profileif i could slip in an anti-gravity yoga class before heading to the closing Naam Spring Equinox ritual i would feel on top of the moon. sarah williams took me there for my birthday a month ago. what a perfect friend date. we giggled like teenagers as we swung in our sky blue hammocks. and the shavasana inside a silk cocoon will remain with me.

the luxuries and responsibilities of working within a festival…

ahh, well i’m all sorted. now for you? hop to…

even though i’d love to go to each single class and experience each teacher i will have to eat, organise, ablute, mother, wife and ballet-exam. mmm? will anyone take up the challenge to go to everything except the overlaps when MPAC is operating too.

i hope to sit opposite, dance with, warrior beside and kirtan near you in 4.5 weeks.

an aside: did you know you can pay your $300 + camping ticket off in installments for WOMAD? just saw this. this is excellent.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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