What’s in it for the kids – little YOGA festival

Rise & Shine posterI’m a mama of 3 children 5 years and younger.
I write about them, and me and them, frequently.
I’m interested in – how do i be with them?
I’m interested in the fact that – i am the model.
How i be – is what they download.
Am i kind? Am i happy? Am i friendly?
What (or who) do i value?
How do i speak (about other people)? How do i speak about myself (my body, my mistakes)? How do i speak about them?

little YOGA festival has been created with our children in mind, heart, soul & body.

One way, is that there are classes for kids, teens programmed. There are classes for you to have 1-on-1 time with them. There are classes to take the whole family to.

Another way, is this festival is different to others. You pay as you go. You book what you need.

If you’re anything like me, you come home from having a couple of hours away from the washing machine a changed Mama.

You return to your loved ones and responsibilities with a fresh, energised perspective having; moved your body; been somewhere quiet; contemplated what you can be grateful for; laid in shavasana and driven home windows down, sun falling on your face, beside the breaking waves.

Perhaps you intend to mix and match this little YOGA festival and take your good self to something(s) and take your loved ones to something(s).

Here’s a wee breakdown of what’s on offer for the kids this little YOGA festival. September 18-20. Mt Maunganui.

Kids Yoga with Sarah Williams (Kowhai Yoga).
Morning – Saturday 19 September
45 minutes
Kids aged 4-8 years (limited spaces)
$10 (Parents FREE)
Click here to book to avoid missing out:

Parents are free to stay or go. The community gardens is right next door, so feel free to take the younger ones for a stroll to spot a ladybird.

Teen Yoga (LiveYourLife workshop) with Nilamani
Lunchtime – Saturday 19 September
1 hour
$10 (Parents FREE)
Click here to book

Parents are free to stay or go. The community gardens is right next door, so feel free to go for a wander there or down the beach access to the everchanging moana.

Shiatsu Bodywork with Autumn Falk
Late Afternoon – Saturday 19 September
75 minutes
$40 (a pair)
Click here to book

A profound opportunity to connect with our children. For pairs between 8 and 75 years old. You will be guided through Shiatsu techniques which will allow you to be held and to hold and to be moved and to move. Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to work on the floor.

Rise & Shine Yoga Warm-up with Sarah Williams
NB: This is at Mauao Performing Arts Centre
Breakfast time – Sunday 20 September
45 minutes
$10 (Children FREE)
Click here
to book

An easy yoga warm up for kids, flexi and un-flexi adults, and everyone in between. The class will start slow, jazz up in the middle and get you ready to dance your dance-thing with Rise & Shine – all the way from Wellington. Come start Sunday morning with the kids differently.

Laughing Yoga with Erika and Trish
NB: This is at Banks Hall
Morning – Sunday 20 September
45 minutes
$10 (Children FREE)
Click here to book

Here’s my take via a blog post on attending a laughter yoga class with Trish and Erika – “It’s one of the best workshops I’ve ever done.” The ‘teacher’ suggests an easy, quick (almost drama-class like) game to play. Within each of the 13 odd games introduced, we are encouraged to laugh (all sorts of different laughs). Perhaps we will fake it till we make it, until the contagion of other people’s laughter will induce ours.

Rise & Shine: family-friendly day-break dance-party – from Wellington
NB: This is at Mauao Performing Arts Centre
Morning – Sunday 20 September
2 hours
$15 (Children under 15 years FREE)
Click here to book

All the way from Wellington…Rise & Shine is a morning dance experience for the whole family, infused with yoga and fuelled by cheap hot drinks designed to make bad mornings a thing of the past…All you need to know is there will be free massage stations, breakfast, live artist painting, a collaborative coloured pencil floor drawing, music & a vibrant space for you and the kids to dance to and in. A Sunday morning space to share together like never before. We can’t wait to see you.

Indian Head Massage with Tracy Pepper (Magic Hands)
Lunchtime – Sunday 20 September
1 hour
$30 (Book in pairs)
Click here to book

We get to treat someone we love and at the same time receive a massage ourselves. Bliss. You will learn this relaxing massage technique that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms which are vital energy centers within the body. Indian head massage is done over the clothing in a seated position.

I like watching when i am present with my kids.

I like inviting myself to put the jobs ‘down’ for 5 minutes a day (per child and i feel angelic) and join them as they play with the trains, jump on the tramp, dance in the lounge, run super fast on the spot, use the colouring in pencils. Five focused minutes – with them, with me.

I’ll leave you with an image and a quote from one of Aotearoa’s taonga – Pennie Brownlee. She is coming to Tauranga to give 2 x 1-day workshops in October 2015. There a few spaces left. Click here if you want more info.

“You’re Not Listening
For four decades now I have been involved with parenting courses, and in each course parents confide – with a degree of exasperation – that they want their children to LISTEN to them! By now (in the course) we know each other well, so I ask for a show of hands if they want their kids to LISTEN to them – and almost every hand goes up. “Keep them up” I say “if your kid has said to you, “Mum, Dad, you’re not listening!”” Most hands still point to the ceiling, no need to say much more really.
So here’s to the parents and teachers who are generous with their attention. The funny thing we have found, particularly with infants and toddlers, is that if you give your FULL attention when changing the nappy, dressing, feeding, washing or bathing, it is as though you fill up the child’s emotional-attention battery and they are all set up to go it alone, putting THEIR full attention into discovering their world. When they get the gift of full attention, they in turn will play and explore for surprisingly long periods of time until they are in need of the next ‘top up’. That’s yet another perk for you for giving your attention generously. – Pennie Brownlee”

Pennie Brownlee - dance with me in the heart

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