Babysitter from 1982 buys first ticket to little YOGA festival

I don’t know how we met Muff and her little brother Wopi (whom I used to chase around the garden, a little bit in love, I still remember the woods where he got away.

Mum is a very sociable person, who loves meeting new people – it’s one of my favourite parts of her warm creative colourful self.

Well somehow, somewhere along the line Muff started to babysit us.
It was 1982.
The first time Mum and Dad travelled up (from Tauriko) to Auckland to model. How’s that for some kind of wonderful.
Mum 1982The next time I remember more clearly. Muff babysat and M & D travelled to Christchurch for some romance in the Southern Alps and brought home this little number: Does this look like the face of a future little YOGA festival maker?20150914_204944

I got a little emo, when I received a message from the lil regie ticketing that Fiona Lysaght was the first person to book a ticket for little YOGA festival. Fiona followed it up with, you wouldn’t happen to be Emily Tom and Maggie’s daughter…

My first ever babysitter from 1982 bought the first ever ticket to the first ever little YOGA festival.12019872_1494085477576962_3968073968858135165_nTo top it all off, Muff got a wee bit shocked when I recognised her (after last seeing her 20 years earlier) with her freshly purchased littlebabe eco mat at the little big markets after we’d done a pop-up yoga class…

Now that’s an affirmation the path is well and good if ever I saw one.
Blessings to you dear Muff, and Mum and all that has gone before, and will come after…

If you haven’t already BOOK your tickets here:
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