Who are the imports for little YOGA festival

Who was it that said they’re going to try to come to the ‘imported’ classes in the festival?

I thought peeps may like to know who or what those delicious teachers or classes are:

tahi) Nilamani with:
Naam Yoga finishing with a Kirtan performance as you exit (Opening the festival) Friday
Shakti Naam (Sunrise and on the beach weather permitting) Saturday
Teen (LiveYourLife workshop) Saturday
Naam Yoga with Spring Equinox ritual (Closing the festival).Sunday

NilamaniEvery time I’ve spoken with Nilamani I feel like I’ve sipped of a soothing elixir. She has been open, generous and trusting each conversation we have had. It’s obvious that Naam is potent in her life. She lives from it. Her spirit sounds young and full of possibility even though her photo and stories appear more mature. I am truly looking forward to meeting her and hugging her. I’m so curious about Naam. She and Anna (one of my dearest friends) have explained Naam Yoga is not just a set of movements, it’s sound, mantras, chanting, audible breath and more. If I had a teenager I’d be sending him or her Nilamani’s way.

rua) Erin with:
Satsang opening with a Kirtan performance Friday
Meditation Saturday

satsang, profile pic, 1Erin is what I dream to be as a mother. Wise, loving, intuitive, courageous, direct, silent, spoken, strong, pragmatic and soulful. I explained to a Journalist today that I’ve been to meditation courses over the past 20 years and Erin’s meditation class is one of two that i’ve actually enjoyed. Her meditation class was not a struggle. It felt joyful. It felt natural. I am deeply grateful for Erin’s monthly Satsang here. I always return to my husband and children, happier, re-jigged, and feeling either peaceful or inspired. I’ve also benefited from her consultations, which she does in person when she visits or over the phone. For me they resemble something of a counselling or therapeutic session without having to dredge up the past, but being able to focus simply on the problem in the present. I’ve heard her Hawaiian Bodywork is phenomenal. Transformative. Ritualistic. She learnt with the Kahuna.

toru) Pippa with:
Chakradance Friday

chakra dance, profileI did Chakradance a couple of months ago when Pippa and I co-ordinated a session at Ohauiti Hall. All 16 of us that congregated that night L O V E D the experience and found it very healing and something of a return home.
Pippa works many hours daily as a teacher and it’s obvious. She speaks clearly. She leads. She is both kind and direct. Because of these keen skills, it feels safe both physically and in a heart way, in her class. Chakradance was a very enlightening experience which I’d like more of. The candlelight was magical, and the loud tribal music experienced like being some sort of harmonium. The percussion and sounds combined with the focus on each chakra and Pippa’s script for each seemed to be filling me up, opening me to full life.

wha) Simon and Casey
Acro-yoga for beginners Saturday
Acro-yoga for advanced Saturday
Rise & Shine (familyfriendly daybreak danceparty)

acro yoga simon and casey 2Simon and Casey came to The Mount a a few months ago as they flew in from Canada. This duo taught a $5 class at MauaoPAC to a crowd of people eager to fly! I haven’t spoken once (mmm) to Casey but hours have been spent talking with this phenomenal young man. What a mover and shaker Simon is. A bit like Nilamani – I can’t wait to look in the eyes of this human. S. Simon has always spoken with such calm. There seems to be a permanent sense of curiosity in his character. I like this. His day-break dance-parties committed to make bad mornings a thing of the past, and helping people into their office jobs with a joy Wellington Waterfront beats-plosion. He and Casey started doing acro-yoga in Canada a couple of years ago. They’re the kind of people that DO stuff,rather than just talking about it. Their classes are relaxed and about empowering people to give it a go, and play. They don’t seem to be interested in telling people ‘the way’, but instead pin-pricking one’s confidence and exploration. I’m also keen to meet Simon’s mutli-coloured suit, complete with look-a-like teeki tights. It featured in the photos from him at the festival of the future, where Rise & Shine SOLD out.

rima) R.I.A and Kara-Leah Grant with:
YogaRhythms YogaRave Saturday

yoga rhythmsPower women is the first thing to say. Hot women the next. How to finish? These women are here to produce, yoga, music, writing, space for people to be together. They are utterly committed to YOGA and a multi-directional way of being around business and creativity. I love their confidence too. This is food for their YogaRhythms. They lead our YogaRave with punk, flair, and strength. They make a dynamic duo, with heart and fire. It’s going to be ecstatic!

So, there you have it.
Alongside these beautiful beings and their offering we have two fistfuls of local teachers and their generous skilled selves. Come celebrate these teachers and receive ‘who they be’ to give. In the words of Sister Corita Kent ” Pull everything out of your teacher. Pull everything out of your fellow students.”

Design your weekend of wellness: http://www.littleyogafestival.com.
18-20 September . Mt Maunganui. 

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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