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Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.09.36 PMI have been meaning to do this for 2 weeks and school pick up is in 10 minutes, but i thought time is of the essence.

I’m not going to try and make this pretty I’m going to put some links up.
These men don’t need any words anyhow, or any added attraction, they are remarkable.
Bring on remarkable people, living their truth, and giving their all to this miraculous opportunity that is LIFE, that is being in the body, being a human BEing.

Ido Portal – from Israel

Click here to go to Ido’s website about The Movement Movement

Christos Dorje Walker – Australia

Click here for an interview with this surfer/monk/Aussie with Dumbo Feather Mook titled: Dorje was a Monk

Paul Mason – United Kingdom

Click here to read Paul Mason’s profile as an Economist with Channel 4 Britain and The Guardian.

Click here to listen to an interview with The Guardian which asks- Is Capitalism Dead?

Alain de Botton – United Kingdom

Click here to visit the School of Life website (of which Botton is a leader). There are schools in Melbourne, Paris, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Belgrade, Antwerp.

David Hieatt – United Kingdom

Click here for a Dumbo Feather interview with David Hieatt founder of Do Lectures and Do Wales, Do USA, Do Australia

BJ Miller – United States

Click here to visit the Zen Hospice, of which Miller is the Executive Director.

Ka Sundance – Germany (and around the Globe)

Click here to go to The Rawfood Family’s website. Here’s a very moving and encouraging homebirth story from the perspective of a man, a father.

I love leaders who are leading not through the desire to control, but due to their passion, their clarity and ‘aliveness’ for what they champion. We follow these people because they show us an alternate path. They dare us to question, to shift, to also have courage (heart). Thank you ‘teachers’ for your energy, your daring, your dedication to your cause.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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