Must watch Videos: Move your Life: with Ido Portal, David Graeber, Bill Plotkin and James Hillman

Tonight includes interviews and lectures from a Mover, an Anthropologist/Anarchist, and two Psychologists.

I’m glueing these vids in before scrumptious husband returns with walked pooch.

dance with me in the heartI have him to thank for the London Real interviews and the miraculous Pennie Brownlee from Dance with me in the Heart to thank for the introduction to Bill Plotkin.

I will also fossick for James Hillman – Kia Ora to Giovanni Fusetti for pointing me in Hillman’s direction (look out for his Tao of Clown course coming again sometime soon with wild & grace).

I have a sound recording of James Hillman investigating the Myth of Family. Hillman does psychology on psychology. He challenges the helpfulness of ‘family-therapy’ where one assumes one’s dysfunction lies within one’s relationship with one’s parents, and one’s childhood, youth and ‘formative’ years. Instead Hillman illuminates the history, the culture, the different perceptions and expectations across the Globe of the FAMILY. I can’t locate the sound recording on the web, I did however find the below lecture. Myths of the family is also a book – here’s how goodreads sums it up

“The family is the most difficult fantasy of our time, for nowhere do we more live a myth than in the realities of home life. Hillman humorously carries us through the agony of family entrapment to the pleasant absurdities of family embrace.”

I couldn’t help including this goodie for my own reference for a whole child education archive in gestation:

“Of course, a culture as manically and massively materialistic as ours creates materialistic behavior in its people, especially in those people who’ve been subjected to nothing but the destruction of imagination that this culture calls education, the destruction of autonomy it calls work, and the destruction of activity it calls entertainment – James Hillman.”

dance with me in the heart2Photo credit: Images come from Dance with me in the Heart. Like it on facebook – you’ll be grateful.

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