Mindful Living with Natasha Rix – Mindfulness Course Night Three

drink-the-nectar-of-the-momentPre-Mindfulness 6 week Course in Tauranga
I have intended to participate in one of Natasha and Grant Rix’s introductory classes for the past 5 years (since we moved back home to Tauranga and I saw a flyer for their mindfulness courses at Playcentre). A generous handful of my closest local friends have completed the course and LOVED it. They’ve talked gently to me about how it’s positively influenced their lives.

Some say these courses on mindfulness with the Rix duo have saved their marriage. Some say it helps them be the calm, peaceful, loving person they want to be around their children. Others say Natasha (Mindful Living) provides a ‘How to’ to lead a happy life.

Stay tuned for a weekly update of my experience with Natasha and the mindfulness for well-being course (an introduction to meditation) in our bountiful Bay of Plenty.

Post Night 3

The chairs were close together again. A couple of us voiced it and adjusted. I was intrigued by how many didn’t. Did they feel comfy as they were?

We waited for some to come.
Tash talked about (now i’m going to try and remember what she said) there’s no such thing as waiting – it implies being in a state of limbo, a state of not being able to be present. This moment is the moment we have so we ‘use’ it. Can i quietly attend to my breath?

The most memorable invitation of the night from Tash during the ‘first sit’ (meditation) was:

Can you be open and embracing in this moment (in this meditation, with this quiet attention to your breath)? And if not, notice this, can you then be open and embracing of that (not having been open and embracing)?


We are encouraged to choose as aspiration for our ‘quiet attention to breath’ our moment sitting where we practice being Curious, Open, Accepting, Loving as we focus on our bodily experience and return the mind to our breath as it wanders…

Here we are ‘learning to become more present and more attentive.’

It’s a ‘continual coming into being and passing away’.

A ‘body mind integration’.
‘Effortless presence’.

wavesWe are given homework (eek, i have 24 hours to complete mine) – stand and ‘be’ with the experience of the kettle boiling.

A co-mindfulness student shares a great strategy, worth sharing again, to overcome procrastination (who knows how this topic sprouted up, but i’m glad it did). Utilise the alarm clock. If there’s a task one has been ‘overwhelmed’ by and delaying, commit 15 minutes of one’s day to it. Honour it. Stop mid toilet clean or garden bed weed if you must. I like it.

What i love more is the power and gift of being with people. These are the gems a pre-recorded lesson, or a book, cannot offer. The dynamic of the ‘live’ workshop. Bring them on.

Personal re-realisation for the week: i have a habit of postponing my enjoyment of each day until…
I’m wondering if it’s steeped in the Puritanical sense of deserving, the delayed gratification, the once i’ve achieved or done the ‘stink’ stuff i can enjoy the ‘appealing’/’pleasurable’ stuff.
The strangeness of this.
The notion of work VERSUS play.
And these being mutually exclusive and necessary.
Work cannot be play?
Play cannot be work?
It’s everywhere and starts young.
I see it in the life of our 5 year old.
It makes me think of acting.
The notion of Play as a concept features in Early Childhood ‘Education’ and in the role of the Actor.
When we play a cruel character, one that struggles to find compassion from the audience, we have succeeded (as actors) when we find it – this compassion in others. It is skill or perhaps necessary to (note) PLAY each character with COAL – Curiosity, Openness, Acceptance, Love. To be in ‘le jeu’ (the game) with our fellow ‘players’ (actors). To play our character (sometimes cruel/sinful) with some (perverted although it may seem from the outside) joy.
It’s a little late to elaborate or find more articulation on this.
I will anon.


If you’d like to check out Mindful Living and the courses they have on offer, click here for their facebook page.
Their website is: http://www.mindfulliving.co.nz/

Mindful Living is based in the Bay of Plenty and is a husband wife dynamic duo.
This is what their About Page says:

Our vision for Mindful Living is to provide individuals, workplaces and organisations with practical mindfulness skills and strategies for increased wellbeing in our daily lives.

We have been studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation since 1999. We have been teaching in Tauranga since 2008, giving classes that are relaxed and inclusive, encouraging enquiry and personal growth.

We are graduates of a unique three-year mindfulness teacher training study and meditation programme, run through the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre under the guidance of our principal teacher Tarchin Hearn (a master of mindfulness with over 40 years experience). During this period of intensive training we lived as part of a mindful community from 2005 to 2007 exploring mindfulness through Body, Speech and Mind.

In addition to completing numerous periods of intensive deep retreat work, we continue to study with experienced mindfulness teachers and attend practice retreats. We are committed to living and parenting mindfully, and helping others awaken to the fullness and richness of life unfolding now.

Grant is the Mindful Aotearoa Operations Manager for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and creator of the Pause, Breathe, Smilemindfulness in schools programme. Natasha is a Mindfulness Strategy Consultant to the MHF and trains and supports mindfulness facilitators to deliver Pause, Breathe, Smile.


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