What’s happening in Tauranga – January 2016

12339212_933696386665692_1320677637317106353_oHappy Christian / Western / Gregorian New Year to you all.

Did you know this internationally most widely used civil calendar,  is named for Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in 1582  (1).

Wikipedia listed 80 alternatives (to ‘our’ Gregorian) calendar. Check out their names such as: Umma, Five Yin-Yang phases, Rumi, Attic, Zoroastrian, Islamic, Japanese, Nepal-Sambat, Old Icelandic etc.

Did you also know calendars fall into three types, lunisolar, solar and lunar, besides calendars with “years” of fixed length, with no intercalation (2).

Moving right along…
What’s happening in our Bay of Plenty this summer?

Beautiful pic from Gourmet Night Markets above.
Don’t miss the little big markets tomorrow (if you’re reading this Sunday 3 January post Prana Festival).

If you wanna avoid jelly fish, seaweed or the sea-water (for some OCD reason) check out Mount College’s pristine and always under-utilised school pool, Maunganui Road (New World end of town/Maunganui Road). It’s open most mid-mornings until mid-arvo. In the past it’s been a fundraiser and run by Oamanu SurfClub so if you really needed to know if they were open before you jumped in the car give the SurfClub a call.

poolsSpeaking of pools, Mount Hot Pools is funking it up with some Soak’n Sunday Sounds (with live music pool side). 7pm-9pm. Tonight featured Melissa Cox.

TOMORROW: Monday 4 January 9am – 2pm – MARKETS/FOOD – Little Big Markets. Venue: Cnr of Matai and Maunganui Roads, Mt Maunganui

Thursday 6 January 5.30pm -9.30pm – FOOD/MUSIC/CRAFT BEER – Dinner in the Domain. Venue: The Domain, Papamoa.NB: Over summer it’s each Thursday night

Saturday 9 January 6.30pm – late – MUSIC – Six60 – Brewers in the Park. R18 Venue: Brewers Bar’s Park. Tickets: 

Saturday 9 January 6pm – late FILM/FOOD – Night Owl Cinema screens 12418844_959874354072517_4808031298846835290_oCool Runnings. Food from 6pm. Screening around 8.30pm (when it’s dark) Venue: Mt Drury, Mt Maunganui. Tickets: Koha

Friday 15 January 5.30pm – dark – FOOD/MUSIC – Gourmet Night Market. Venue: Coronation Park, Mt Maunganui. NB: Over summer it’s each Friday night

Friday 15 Januray 9.30pm – MUSIC – Santiago and John Ellis Latin Jazz Acoustic. Venue: Phoenix , The Strand, Tauranga. Tickets: FREE

sfx49983.jpgSunday 31 January – 1pm-10pm – FOOD/WINE/BEER/MUSIC Feastival – On The Lawn – R18 – Venue: Blake Park, Mt Maunganui Tickets: $47

Will add the Totara Street gigs in tomorrow, or the next…
What have I missed folks?


(1): The calendar was a refinement to the Julian calendar[4] amounting to a 0.002% correction in the length of the year. The motivation for the reform was to bring the date for the celebration of Easter to the time of the year in which it was celebrated when it was introduced by the early Church. Because the celebration of Easter was tied to the spring equinox, the Roman Catholic Church considered the steady drift in the date of Easter caused by the year being slightly too long to be undesirable. The reform was adopted initially by the Catholic countries of Europe. Protestants and Eastern Orthodox countries continued to use the traditional Julian calendar and adopted the Gregorian reform after a time, for the sake of convenience in international trade. The last European country to adopt the reform was Greece, in 1923.
(2) Most pre-modern calendars are lunisolar. The Hindu calendar is based on the movement of the moon and hence lunar. The Islamic and some Buddhist calendars are lunar, while most modern calendars are solar, based on either the Julian or the Gregorian calendars.

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