TPPA – an opportunity to question

pen brownleeThis is a post to encourage people to question.

Do we get stopped: to action – against such ‘agreements’ as TPPA because we don’t understand it. In these contracts, these agreements, is the legal language made available (or not) by people in power (governments or should i say corporations) to overwhelm us so that we don’t and in fact can’t question this authority.

Let us be heralded: to question.
Let us muddle through in our humane way.
Let us be confused, but articulate and share what we find now anyway, until we all join to understand.

I beg this:
Get specific. Get personal.
When talking with friends, when facebooking, when sharing posts, pictures, film, opinions: pinpoint what it is you are specifically wary of, concerned about, or feel encouraged by.

Sharing how I will be affected specifically can move others to question, to consider, to find themselves in a short moment of what I’ve offered.

Become fine tuned: learn what attracts people to (this agreement too).
Ask questions. Collect answers.

Read short articles, long articles, difficult to understand articles, easy to understand articles
Watch filmed stories
Change channel – watch from ‘the other side’.

Find countries who aren’t signing and the agreement and learn why not.
Find countries who are and why.
Find specific legal cases where TPPA has changed conditions unfavourably for countries, for people, for governments.

wild & grace warmly now invites you to spread the word:
talk and share with friends
talk and share with people you often hold a different opinion to

12687909_10153595957554261_4288921960011588726_nThis current contested issue around welcoming TPPA (this trade agreement formed between 12 countries) as it stands, or challenging it (even in parts) is a symbol of our democracy.

It’s an opportunity to get real about whether we do indeed live in a democratic country or not. Democracy is a living system – it requires people to engage with it for it to survive.

Many courageous articulate people are reminding us it’s our right and indeed duty, to question. People such as Russell Brandt. People behind Occupy Wall St. Pennie Brownlee. Erin Lees.

These leaders are normal people who want to tell us to remember. Remember we are all equal. We all have rights to our opinions. We all have intelligence. We all CAN share power (the conditions of our lives). We can all invite our friends, family, communities to stand up and be counted, be seen, be heard, be considered.

We have a responsibility to our children, to our grandchildren, to our selves to lead a chosen life, an informed life.

Wake up to the fact mainstream media, governments are NOT neutral parties who share the same values as our own.

Ask ourselves what are our values? What does a good standard of living mean? What does a good quality of life look like?

Freedom of speech. Access to information. Ability to question. Space to be heard.
It is difficult to carve a life to be happy in.

I ask these questions today:
Who has had access to the TPPA agreement?
When did the public have access to the TPPA?
When did the NZ Government decide to ratify the TPPA on NZ’s behalf?
Why has not everyone in the 12 countries been able to read (and understand the document) with plenty of lead-in time before any ratification beginning of agreement to this ‘contract’?
What are corporations, and governments needing to hide in the TPPA document?
If all is good with the TPPA why is there such secrecy?

I got excited about John Campbell’s reporting seen here:

I felt he championed our people when he kept asking the trade minister whether there was an appeal process should a corporation sue our government.

I felt hopeful when he said European countries were signing a similar agreement (TTIP) but some have removed some of the clauses e.g. the infamous ISDS – which take NZ’s basic right of appeal (the opportunity for an issue between an International corporation and the NZ government to go before a tribunal court/judge).

We are a small nation with a huge heart.
We care about each other.
We have a pioneering spirit.
All of us – have left behind homeland and family to chose a prosperous happy life of opportunity here in Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud).
We’ve made informed choices before and we can do it again.
Kiwis are known worldwide for our innovation, our ability to think outside the square, our receptiveness to new (technology etc).

We lead the way. Women’s vote. Nuclear – free.
Let this be another moment in history where ordinary individuals believe what they’ve learned, how they feel, MATTERS.

Keep sharing.
Keep questioning.
Keep going.

We’ve got this NZ.

Image from Pennie Brownlee: Dance with me in the heart

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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