I’m thinking about dying – part 4 – short films

amy board's looking glass gardenI’m developing my beliefs around death.

I’ve wondered whether the fact we have such differing ideas about soul, ‘after-life’, judgements, god(s), is part of the reason we don’t talk about death more or with people with different philosophies, or in fact at all (for some/most?).

I’ve taken great comfort in reading NDE’s around the experience of ‘bliss’ around ‘returning?’ to ‘a place’ or perhaps a ‘feeling’ of LOVE.

Anita Moorjani (thank you Bert Esser) describes it like returning to one’s ideal imaginings of parents. Limitless unconditional love, and ‘self’ being ‘in’ that love, being able to receive it.
This is how i remember her describing it as, anyhow.

Perhaps you could watch it and comment if i’ve misremembered…

Anita questions this: “What if heaven or nirvana is actually here in physical expression, and not there in the afterlife?”…We don’t have to wait until we die to experience nirvana. Our true magnificence exists right now!

Another ideas she shared was, in essence: Celebrate this life. This is our physical life. We have a physical body, and most of our bodies experience sensation (some limited). This is one of the differences between death or at least Anita’s near death experience (NDE) and life. One we have a physical body, the other not. It’s NOW that we can relish, savour, celebrate SENSATION.

Here’s a potentially contrasting viewpoint (thank you Jon Randles). There was a quality in the talk of atoms (at the end of the clip) that connected with a sense of life keeps living, the physical body dies, stops, but life keeps living…

This notion or reality of ‘life continuing’ again feels comforting, especially as a Mother talking with death, with children.

Some ideas that resonate

Another difference between living and dying is one a continuation of experience and memory can exist, with the other, we only have past memories to dance with and an inability to make new.

This was shared by Heidi Turner from Tairua. Meltingly serene. Thank you.

And another added in July 2016, created by a 16 year old. Last night I was listening to James Hillman – LISTEN to him. Google him, read him, knit and listen to his podcasts…He is a psychologist, who has done psychology on psychology. He has enlightening and fresh things to say about the ageing process, about the myth of family, of many great and important things.
Anyhow, here is the latest ‘finding’ thanks Satsang with Erin for this.

And another short interview about a ‘Threshold Choir’, people who sing for people as they are dying (either leading up to the death of their physical body and/or as their body dies).

Photo credit: Thank you Amy Board (on instagram)

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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