Naam Yoga according to wild & grace

pic20I have a dear friend.
We went through 3 years of Drama School together.
We went dancing in short skirts, young legs, and vodka-thirsty lips.
We trainhopped through Europe and worked at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival together.
We were at the wedding of Jeremy and I, together.
She’s a bubble of joy and sometimes tears.
She’s a treasure.

A few years ago I noticed a stillnes within her.
It was a new quality.
Not that she hadn’t been still before, but this stillness was both a calm and some sense of ‘love’ or what I now may describe as ‘trust’.
She’d started going to Naam Yoga.
She didn’t really say all that much about it, other than gently inviting me to come. Some time, next time, I was up in Auckland again.
Well 3 babies later, that ‘clear’ next time I’m in Auckland never arrived.

She continued to deepen her practice and I guess commitment, to Naam Yoga.
Continued to invite me to class.
Travelled over the LA to be in the presence of her teacher, the founder of Naam, Dr Joseph Michael Levry.

One winter’s day I decided to bring her teacher to the Bay.
Then in the heart of the day’s sunshine to create a homegrown festival of yoga.
My friend and Naam were the seeds and sunshine to little YOGA festival.

Within every conversation I had with Nilamani from Naam Yoga leading up to the little YOGA festival I felt a lightness and a trust and a calm – similar to what I’d noticed as a transformation in my close friend.
Nilamani had a gentleness, alongside a quiet assertion or sense of direction, and the energy of possibility and gratitude. I was so eager to meet her.

I met Nilamani & Naam Yoga within our 3 day festival Spring 2015 Mt Maunganui.

I vowed to write this blogpost.
I wanted to illuminate Naam Yoga for someone who hasn’t experienced it, or heard about it.
What I found surprising AND refreshing about it was the use of sound, and how uplifted I felt during the simple chanted mantras, accompanied with repeated and mostly seated upper body movements.
The simplicity and repetition built an organic rhythm which helped me get into a state of presence or meditation.
I sometimes have conflict around sitting in one position, focusing on my breath, and focusing on a sense of ease or relaxation.
I feel like I get to this place of presence easier, with more joy and quicker when accompanied with movement.
This is where I’m at with my journey.
In days, months, years, I may write a new sentence!

On the final workshop of little YOGA festival in the Naam Equinox Blessing I also received insights.
Perhaps these messages came because of my rather vulnerable and ‘dis-hausted’ (I once heard a 6 year old use this word and I’ve never looked back) state.
But I ‘received’: Ease, Joy, Trust, Timelessness.
The notion that if I allowed or remembered I had a choice to embrace these as focus points my life would be flowing and in-joy.

What will you receive from Naam?
The wonder and possibility-filled-being that is Nilamani joins us for The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound. 22-24 April (Anzac Weekend) 2016. Rose Gardens, Tauranga.
She’s offering a Powerful Class on Sunday morning, and a shorter one to conclude the festival Sunday early evening.

Visit the website for timetable, information and bookings:

Here are some vids Nilamani shared with me, and I share with you, which may answer questions or provoke you to come try something NEW and revitalising.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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