Matua Plunket Kindergarten go for a Yarn Bomb

Matua Plunket Kindergarten is getting behind Greerton Village’s famous festival – Yarn Bombing the many ‘nude’ trees along Chadwick and Cameron Roads.

Greerton Guerilla Knitter’s have co-ordinated this celebration of creativity and colour for the month of June to liven up the colder months and bring joy to the community.

In the past themes have included nursery rhymes and this year Liz  Roris (a Greerton local artist known for her mosaic art) is curating the event as has themed it: Hundertwasser.

The yarn bomb extravaganza opens Sunday 3 July 2016 in Greerton Village and runs for at least a month. It’s a refreshing outing for the family. A great chance to catch a bus to Greerton OR throw your scooters and kids in the back of the car and go experience the wonder of trees donned in bold wooly colour. Stop off at Le Chat Noir for a hot chocolate and a crepe or two or seven.

Click here to see an album of bombed trunks of past years.
Or here.

Matua Plunket Kindy Mums, Dads and Caregivers are meeting for an hour once a week on a Wednesday night at 7.15pm for the next 2 weeks (3 if we don’t meet deadline – oops) to knit a simple striped scarf LOOSELY (did i say loosely) inspired by this art work of Hundertwasser. Knitters can knit at home too if Wednesday sucks.


If knitting enthusiasts OR curiousists want more info come along to Kindy this Monday 20 June 7pm for a short knitting demo, a ‘go on’ some needles and yarn, and an all round good time.

Bring $5 on Monday night and the Matua Plunket Kindergarten committee will supply you with a ball of wool and the number of stitches to cast on for our collaborative  koha-ed creative colourful colossal collective tree scarf.

Our Kindy Collective Knitters have been given the tree next to the Turkish Takeaways. It’s evidentally 13 metres high, and a 1.5 metres, then 1.3 then 1.6 metres in girth. Maybe it wasn’t very sunny or rainy one year? Ah, to know a tree so intimately.

Those very excited about our tree can expect a very stripey creation, with wide stripes and narrow stripes, and these exquisite like-from-a-lolly-shop hues. Those nutty about knitting can expect a purl stitch to help with speediness, non-tardiness, and non-rolling-edges.

It’s hoped our Turkish Takeaway Tree may share similar dimensions with one in our ample Kindergarten garten. We shall see. Transposition?

If you’re super duper excited you could visit Emily at Neighbourhood Beer Kitchen this Saturday 18 June at 2pm-3pm for World Wide Knit in Public Day. You’ll get a VIP early-bird hand-delivered ball of yarn (or two) complete with cast-on stitch instructions and a smile.

If you’re a novice AND impatient and you can’t wait till Saturday OR Monday you could try letting a knitting video teach you. I love knit witch.

So we will meet either at Kindy OR some Kindy family’s whare for the next 1, 2, 3 Wednesdays.
22nd and 29th of June and 7th of July.

This is an initiative to bring a smile to your and your kids dials. Get us being creative. Get us out of the house and connecting with one another. Giving Greerton a burst of colour and warmth. Getting to dress one of our tree trunks in some Hundertwasser. Bringing awareness to our nurturing Matua Plunket Kindy community.

I can’t write a blog post on knitting without sharing our wonderful Whakamarama treasure: Kate from Greedy with Colour. If you’d like a lift go visit her adorable blogsite.

Ka kite.


  1. Hi Emily,

    Glad that you are on board with this project – the more the better so many thanks

    Just to note you may want to amend any notices to read July and August (rather than June J)

    Kind Regards

    Sally Benning, Manager

    Greerton Village Community Association

    P.O.Box 9046, Greerton Tauranga 3142

    Ph/Fax 07 571 6347 Cell 021 573 177


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