I’ve been watching – July 2016

I’ve been trying to think of some nifty way to link these vids together, some intelligent theme, whilst i wash the pots, juicer and wooden spoons and listen to the end of Brene Brown’s interview with Chase Jarvis.

In the spirit of Brene, and going with a quote that came to me, on my way to The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound, crossing the poo bridge:

I didn’t come here to be perfect – I came here to be me.

Sometimes people ask me, how i find the time to create events, or projects, and i often say:

I have an unclean house, i’m comfortable with chaos, and i don’t watch TV.

But the whole picture is i do occasionally pick and choose to view inspiration online. My go-tos (apart from clips people post on facebook) are: London Real, TED Talks, and since tonight Chase Jarvis.

So without more padding here’s some remarkable, eye (or i could say) heart-opening interviews, talks, some very famous, some maybe not so, others i may have posted before (but they’re worth it). In the order they come to me. Voila.




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