Nourished: A Mothers’ Retreat in the Bay of Plenty

11665626_837234703012013_5116439061730024254_nI moved back to the T of the G of the A when our first born was 3 months young.
I was nervous to leave Auckland as i was living around the corner from my oldest friend in the world who also had a baby girl (ours were born 3 months apart). I was living my dream. In love with an intoxicating man, fresh with a baby and close to fun, creative, heaven-to-be-around-girl-friends. But fiancee and i were head back to the Bay, to where we both went to Intermediate and High School, to where we shared family and to where we felt our lifestyle would be less about queues of cars, tempting clothes shops and unreachable home loans and more about beaches, the ‘good life’ (aka a slow life), and quality time together. What i didn’t imagine were the beautiful friendships i would make with other new Mums (and Dads) and an incredible community of like-minded people who i would ‘be attracted to and likewise attract’. I have been moved and inspired by parents and people who have (as Tash Rix from Mindful Living puts it so lightly and aptly) a curiosity for living, an awareness about their minds, about how they relate to others, their holistic health, and indeed the health of ‘a community’. These people are often choosing a ‘slow or de-cluttered life’ and one where perhaps they and their children observe nature, everyone’s and their own.

Thank you for affording me that introduction.

For i am (from 16-18 September 2016) about to take the 45 minute drive up the coast to Waihi Beach to join a few handfuls of other Mothers, in a retreat called NOURISHED: A Mothers’ Retreat.

4 nourished mums with legsFour other Mums (who reportedly met through the Home Birth Association) have mindfully made this weekend happen for us. Emily, Monique, Amber and Kerryn are planning to pamper us, by providing nourishing delicious (catered) food over the weekend, classes in Yoga and Mindfulness, opportunity to craft and chat, and a chance to listen and learn from Mel Wards (Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner), Kate Apanui (Life Coach) and Claire Baker (Physiotherapist who specialises in Womens’ Health.
I’m personally amped for the Soundbath from Debbie Karl and Rob Moore of Mount Acupuncture. AND Debbie’s talk on how to utilise the power of the Season of Spring, to boost your wellness and life, from a Chinese Medicine focus.


Amber encouraged their team to bring this to Mums, after experiencing a Camp for Mums in Auckland last year. Pennie Brownlee was among the speakers who facilitated the weekend at Houghton Bush Camp in Muriwai. She felt so ‘well’ after attending this event, so this mothering team have created the opportunity for other mothers, closer to home. Already a Wellingtonian Mum has asked our Bay team of Mums if they’ll ‘do one in Wellington’. Amber says sure, we’ll share the mechanics for anyone who wants to create an opportunity for Mothers to have some ‘me’ time.

This is an uplifting weekend designed to nurture and inspire you as a woman and a mother, in the presence of like-minded others.

I know when i push pause and take some time out solely for me i return home to the piles of washing, the toys to pick up, the bickering to re-route, the yellow nostrils to tissue, with re-calibrated open-ness, restored calm, renewed love, and a delightful FRESH.
I have recognised one of the conditions of my happiness (especially within the tedious sides of life) is about ‘change’. If there can be a surprise, a segue, i get the ‘relief’ needed to jump-on-in for the next chapter. I catch the up-drift like an ornately painted bird, and start flying, in the flow, in this enlightening path of motherhood.

DSC_6130Who would like to join us for this Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to welcome in the  Spring.  NOURISHED: A Mothers’ Retreat is being held at a Te Rau Aroha Christian Camp (even though the retreat has no religious affiliation, it is merely a beautiful, affordable and ‘not-too-far-not-too-close’ location in the Bay) in Waihi Beach. You’re bound to meet inspiring people who make you laugh, and remind you of what a wonderful job you’re doing as a Mama. Who’s gonna bring a friend? What a delicious weekend away with a galfriend this would be.

Get in touch with the warm team of NOURISHED: A Mothers’ Retreat through facebook by clicking here. Tickets are $185* inclusive of shared accomodation,  eventlets mentioned above and all meals catered. You need not bring your eft-pos card, just turn up and be Re…(stored, juvenated, joy-venate) and return to your families re-laxed.


Photo credit: Top image is found at Dance with me in the Heart – Pennie Brownlee, a remarkable educator for parents and educarers.

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