Ways to celebrate diversity, difference and develop – part 2 – men who wear skirts

7386f385e4a2f351d32d463dc1498c81.jpgI am a mama of three.
We have boys and girls in our whanau.
I’m interested in the nature versus nurture debate.
I’m curious about whether i favour one set of behaviours for boy, and one for girl.
Husband came home from a flying-trip to Sydney and brought home the kids, Australian animals.
I over-think.
Guess who got the could-kill-you-crocodile, versus the cuddly koala and the (possibly could kill you too, yet more fluffy than reptilian) kangaroo?

Sometimes my kids make blanket statements like – boys have penises, and girls have vaginas.

One of their observations is that boys don’t wear skirts.

I like to jazz things up and keep us all thinking.
I like us to be flexible.

We found some boys, some men (possibly all of them have penises) who wear skirts.
You may like to show your kids too?

Samburu young men from East – Africa
Celtic men wearing kilts – probably from Scotland
Polynesian Police wearing lavalava
Pokot tribe – Kenya
Maori men doing Kapahaka
Zulu men – South Africa
Maasai men – East Africa
Men from Yemen

More to come about men with long hair, women with beards, what kings and queens look like, and more.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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