Tauranga Steiner Fair – always a heartwarming festival for all the family

I ‘lurve’ the Steiner Advent Fair.
I’m always down in the dumps if the pre-Christmas-scheduled-madness means the day is too full to visit our Waldorf School in Welcome Bay.
This year was as good as the rest.
We followed the child-make-blue-tacked signs for the frozen banana homemade ‘snowfreeze’ upon entry.
Then we spent a lush amount of time in the playgroup room, to sample the array of tenderly baked goodies.
Neil (our new friend) was disappointed there wasn’t decaf coffee, or at least i was, on Neil’s behalf.
I clocked the queue for the enchanting room for children.
And i stood outside the children’s cafe, gas-bagging to one of the fifty-thousand friends i saw there (PS i’m not bragging that i may have 50,000 friends, but more that it’s a place one can go alone, as there’ll always be someone you know there). Child’s Cafe: I love the concept – only kids can go inside, with their kid paper token money, one can purchase from a stall at the entrance. The kidlets choose what they wish to dine on, their table, and their company. I like it.
Next was locating the flying fox.
This took at least an hour.
We kept finding and losing something equally as interesting…
The stage with singers.
The giant in rainbow.
The swings under young oak trees.
The handmade pottery cups and saucers.
The bicycle powered smoothies.
The yellow slide.
The crate stacking, climbing, rigged to a crane, activity.
The slippy slidey bank.
The pocket aproned ladies.
More friends.
We didn’t find the ‘retail’ however, the Steiner felt placemats, wooden carved animals, lovely Christmas gifts.
We lost our neighbours and our new friend Neil.
We found them again.
‘Tis a jolly-ole-must for the silly season. Go amble around the most beautiful Primary School in the land, with her undulating land, neighbouring cows, Italian-coral-coloured classrooms, and ‘organic’ patrons.
‘Tis usually on each year in mid-late November, at Tauranga Waldorf School.


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