A blog post about what you can expect, like sugar, sex and death, from the blog site wild & grace by Emily based in the Bay of Plenty

greedy for colour 2015 (29 of 43)And a New Year begins.

My name is emily and i write and sometimes photograph for this blog wild & grace.

Why wild & grace. I write this blog because in a surprising way (because write now, i mean right now, i seriously first typed write, good lord, right now the family are at the beach and i’m legs crossed at the kitchen table with the bolshy wind whacking the trees) this blog helps me feel connected to the great world.
I feel warmed when i’m out socialising and someone asks me ‘what do you do ?’ and when i tell them i parent, make events, have a dream-of-being-cleaner-and-less-cluttered-house and write , they reply

oh! wild & grace. that’s you?

People read it!

I feel lit up watching people’s mouths and wrinkles stretch into smiles with me, when they tell me that.

No Ads.  I pay wordpress a yearly fee, so i can have an ad-free peaceful site for you beautiful followers.
I haven’t found a way (yet?) to receive ‘services’ or ‘exchange’ that feels ‘juste’ for this blog.
I have reconciled that i write cos my soul and mind feel fed by the process and because i get a buzz out of contributing to community, to a sense of belonging, to a sense of caring for one another, to a sense of sharing and connecting, to a sense of healing an aloneness some of us feel some of the time.

greedy for colour 2015 (38 of 43)

Subjects explored. I write about what fascinates or irritates me (in the kindest possible way i know how). My writing ambles down overgrown pathways – I love to walk you through my inner landscape, even after i’ve assured us i’m going to stay on track. I’m most definitely full of contradictions, a fallible human, who wants to share what i and others know, in this moment. Others may know more than i do, i could be ‘wrong’, but i share anyhow.

Most ‘clicked on or searched for’ 2016:
1) Staying the night in Tauranga – what to do where to go
2) Raw milk directory Tauranga
3) Directory of yoga classes in the Bay of Plenty
4) Alison Holst’s brown rice salad
5) Yoga directory – pregnancy and beyond in the Bay
6) Sex talk – tahi – sexplanations with Dr Doe
7) Crepe (French pancakes) recipe
8) Tomato sauce without sugar please
9) ‘I am’ quotes and interviewees
10) Sex talk – rua – School of Life’s pornastherapy and other viewpoints

I’m based in the Bay of Plenty. Yes. wild & grace features many stories about this beautiful and bountiful part of our Aotearoa.

The blog features a monthly ‘What’s on in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui‘.
These are posted to wild & grace facebook, and can be shared easily, encouraging more people to know what’s on from an:
arts, wellness, outdoorsie, parenting, foodie perspective.

Facebook. Incidentally 2950 facebook people were ‘reached’ with this wild & grace article ’10 places to visit within an hour from Tauranga’.
When you ‘LIKE’ wild & grace facebook expect to read about
that invites the good life,
in the Bay of Plenty and beyond.

Publicising great-stuff-going-on and chapters. I post series on the topical or meaty e.g.i’ve published 6 on sugar, 6 on death, 4 on sex.

5 favourite features according to me:
1) 7 secrets to start and not stop plus enjoy running and moving the body moves the mind
2) In My mother’s Garden – trois
3) This is why Pennie Brownlee
4) The beauty of the grandparent and creating a village to raise our children
5) Kinfolk – I’m in beautiful

1374199_208432095997212_1148893972_nPeople who follow food, photography, kids, nature, happiness, moving your body, the arts, getting out and about with community and thinking…will most probably, quite possibly, perhaps definitely like reading with wild & grace.

Follow wild & grace. After visiting wild & grace blogsite scroll to the bottom of the page, (R.H.S) until your eyes find a blue coloured “Follow wild & grace” button. Click on it and you can log-into WordPress. You now have a WordPress account,  you can choose to 1) start your own blog – go on you know you want to! 2) be a reader of my / other blogs 3) comment on my / other blogs  4) ‘subscribe’ to wild & grace and have articles emailed instantly, daily, weekly or never (instead saved in your WordPress account).

About. wild & grace is a culmination of what i have observed and gathered until now in a life centred around the Arts, People, Health and Teaching. I am propelled to write and bring people together to learn and share after re-discovering Joseph Campbell’s ‘Follow your Bliss’.

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be – Joseph Campbell.”

My dream for ‘my’ blog. Here i am being brave – in this moment i don’t need money to be generated from this blog, but what i would like is for it to be recognised and valued. By this i mean, that people know about it, and that people who enjoy it, remember it, see it, read it and share it with others-they-have-a-hunch-would-‘value’-it-too. Would you be happy to share this via email, text, facebook, phone or a face to face heart to heart conversation with someone, two or three? You could copy and paste the URL into a message, or tap the ‘share this’ button.

I’d love these wild & grace words, learnings and pictures to reach further people than i now know.

With gratitude, and go well.


  1. Lovely Emily, the little crochet animals! I’m just learning and can make flowers so far… Did you make them? Do you have a pattern?

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