Top 10 Blogs to read, especially for those interested in Homeschooling, Alternative Education, Housetrucking with your kids, and leading a simple happy healthy life, according to Amy Board.

DSC_2426A dear friend Kimberley brought a now dear friend Amy along to one of our Jemily parties. What a delight these two humans are.
Inspirational through their brave and creative minds, spirits and lives.

Amy is mother of 3 (also).
She loves learning and lives a courageous intentional life, one The Art of Non-Conformity would ‘endorse’.

Partner Pat threw in his secure teaching job.
The couple stopped saying ‘when’…
turned their backs on ‘normality’
jumped on a plane with their 3 young girls
found a retro housetruck
embraced their year long adventure travelling the USA
stopped postponing BEING with each other
for four seasons.
Amy started this blog Ocean Family Road Trip.

She reads my blog and i was curious what others she peruses.

Here is Amy Board’s top 10 list, with a what and why:

Written by Heidi Swanson, author of Super Natural Everyday. Superb recipes. The first blog I started reading. The blog that got me into reading blogs. And my first girl crush. I would drive Pat crazy with: “What would Heidi do?” questions.

Carol Black’s – Schooling the World blog. The “A Thousand Rivers” piece is a must read and everything an article on alternative education should be.

Brainpickings, the best thing on the internet. Maria Popova highlights such beautiful thoughts, artists, writers, poets, feelings. My all time favorite blog.

Technomadia – just because I was doing a lot of research about life on the road and they are just so thorough and write about everything you would ever need to know about living and traveling full-time out of a camper or bus.

Novella Carpenter, urban gardening guru and author. But mostly because she’s hilarious.

Healthy home economist for everything healthy traditional diet related. Again, another super informative, thorough blog.

 Thought catalogue because sometimes I’m a bit of a Myers-Briggs-personality-test-geek.

Camptrend’s blog Camp by camp details all their fantastic camping spots. Beautiful photography and inspiration for life on the road, and they shared their lollies with me.

Simply beautiful poetic writing. She is also raising 3 girls.

Pat Farenga’s blog posts helped me question our education system and taught me how to facilitate my children’s education.

I had to add an extra one! A self improvement / yoga / women’s leadership blog by a women I met briefly in California who read an excerpt of her book to us and did the most delightful Indian accent for one of her characters. I’ve since been reading her blog and I am so pleased with what I am learning from her and her teachers.

What blog would you recommend? Inspiration is food.


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