A guide to design stores in the Bay of Plenty

I have lived in a few different cities and towns in my time, and whilst there is romance in ‘discovering’ that special store that makes you swoon, sometimes the practicality of the wandering, the ambling, the stumbling upon, just doesn’t fit the bill or cut the mustard. For example one may be a traveller passing through, one may a new local who wants to know the ropes or one may simply be in a hurry. I’m not going to encourage us to slow down, simplify or minimise rather than consume (that’s for another time). For now, i give you a guide to some beautiful sometimes tenderly, other times boldly curated stores in our plentiful Bay.

Kia ora stores for being open, we appreciate much business goes to those online spaces, but we love visiting your inspiring stores, standing shoulder to shoulder with another, stroking the velveteen rabbit, inhaling the orange blossom scent. I often wonder if a wee koha jar (especially in bookstores) may be apt or delightful, so those who browse to say…thanking you.
Images and text – emily with
wild & grace

Mount Maunganui Stores

Paper Plane – 99 Maunganui Road

Ete at the Mount
– 98 Maunganui Road

Flux Boutique
 – 277 Maunganui Road

The Design Depot
– 13 Totara Street

Tauranga Stores

Florence and Co – 55 Ninth Avenue

Little Trooper
 – Corner of Wharf & Willow Streets

Three Little Whimzee
– 50 Devonport Road

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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