Hot Pools Directory for the Bay of Plenty

It’s hot soaking season, ladies and gents, boys and girls.

I’m a tad obsessed with hot.
Husband and Wim Hof along with those fabulously politically and educationally ahead Scandanavians implore me to get-into icy cold.
Cold showers are all the rage, friends and foes.
Not that i have any foes (who am i kidding?) but in my opinion, if i did, ice-cold showers upon waking would be tres fitting for these foe-ly folk.
My new favourite friend and teacher (of Kundalini Yoga) Mari Hall (an aforementioned Swede too, as a matter of fact) encouraged us to introduce the cold shower by firstly languishing with hot and finishing cold blast.
So far so good.
It’s Autumn and i’ve managed three such showers since her pep talk. I was motivated by this other detail shared: Mari’s teacher instructed her to continue the cold shower regime, cos it ‘takes the bitch out of her’.  That’s gotta be good for us, huh?

Without further ado, where and when to go to which hot pool, in our beautiful Bay of Plenty of good times.

I’m gonna share
1) name of hottie
2) my humble wild & grace experience
3) water system and temperature
4) opening times
5) prices vary too much to be interesting for me, but i’ll include a kids (5+ yrs) and adults price for the public pool (rather than private).
6) contact deets

10.Mount-hot-pools-52-of-58Mount Hot Pools

+’s I love the ambience at these pools. I think it’s glorious sitting beneath the majesty and green of Mauao. I like the twinkling evening lights. I loved going as a teenager and looking for boys in their boardies. Their warm-up for the Jazz Festival and other such Soak’n’Sunday Sounds are really innovative and fun. I like their new improved warmer soft floored changing rooms.

– ‘ s The only thing i’m not a fan of accompanying my three, a team of toru under 6 year olds, who like to swim in the ‘paddling’ pool and frequent the slide. Even though i can appreciate the long-winded walk back to the staircase to the slide (again) manages any potential ‘queue’ i find this design near-on impossible to solely and safely supervise my kids. I can’t be two-arms-reach away from all 3 of them with that fabulously fun slide that flows from one side of the ‘too’ shallow for me, but perfect for the kids, pool. So, my solution, go with a friend or another older human who can help. And don’t go mid-winter or on a windy day, cos when you’re crawling along on the bottom of the shallows pretending to be a crocodile it’s impossible to completely submerge all the un-tanned winter bits of your good self. The end.

4 Pools:
private pools
kids pool with slide 32.5 degrees
2 x spa pools 39.3 degrees
1 x ambient pool 32.5 degrees
1 x large hot pool 38 degrees with big high pressured taps to put your shoulders under for a massage.

Seawater from a non-thermal bore in pilot bay. Chlorine added once water reaches pools.

Open: Monday to Saturday 6am – 10pm
Sun & Public Holidays 8am – 10pm

Kids: $9.00
Adults: $14.00

9 Adams Avenue, Mount Maunganui, 3116
07 577 8551

fernlandFernland Spa

+’s Nothing beats sitting nestled within that grove of ferns and native trees, yellowed with a Frangipane in summer and sung to by tui, of Fernland Spa. Combine that with the thermal medicinal qualities of the water and i can’t beat Fernland Spa in terms of it being close to Tauranga ‘central’. I may sound un-fun but i love not having multiple-choices, and being able to sit in one pool with my kidlets, rather than the joys of getting in-and-out of many different pools and temperatures. NB: Can hire togs and towels.

-‘s Can be too hot for me (and i usually like hot) on a Summer’s Day without wind.

1 large pool
private pools

All hot pools are drained, cleaned and refilled daily and have a constant flow of fresh natural thermal non-chlorinated mineral water ensuring the purist thermal bathing experience.

37.5 – 40 degrees Celsius.
(temperatures vary with weather conditions)

Kids: $5.00
Adults: $12.00

250 Cambridge Rd,
07 5783081

pic1Welcome Bay Hot Pools

+’s I haven’t been here for years! It was my family’s favourite spot and their seemingly huge and terrifyingly fast water-slide was a hit for my David-Hasselhoff-like-Dad. Philippa a lovely Papamoa-dwelling hot-pool addict like me, claims it to be her favourite pool in our Bay.

-‘s I shall report on these after visiting. Maybe that it’s not on my beaten track. Would suit Papamoa, Te Puke, Ohauiti, folk and all those lucky and committed families taking their kids to the Waldorf School in Welcome Bay.

NB: Welcome Bay is an under-rated part of Tauranga. There are some friendly Marae with rural surrounds, there’s a new Community Garden, and that park off Forrester Drive? has a fabulous climbing apparatus and meets the harbour.

3 Pools.
The main pool and the toddler pool are tepid and comfortable, with a depth of 70cm on one side to 1.2m at the deepest end.
The small spa pool is the hottest, at around 39º Celsius (102º Fahrenheit), but temperatures vary and are weather dependant.
Natural thermal mineral pools which are emptied and cleaned every day.

Open: Wednesday to Friday 2 pm – 9 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public and School holidays: 10 am – 9 pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday, except for public holidays and during the school holidays when we are open every day 10 am – 9 pm.

Kids: $5.00
Adults: $8.50

R409 Welcome Bay Road, RD5
07 544 2327

slide2 Oropi Pools & Cafe

+’s More confessions. Haven’t been since i was a younger person living in Ohauiti with my whanau. Will go. I like the sound of the cafe. The photo of the gateau looked intoxicating. Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can pay $15 for Burger, Chips and a Swim.
Would be a great location to finish at after walking that Rimu Loop Walk as a part of the Otanewainuku walkways. Or go feast on berries at Somerfields round Christmas and pop in after.

-‘s Hmmm. Anyone?

Main pool & private pools.
From the pool you can enjoy the relaxing temperatures ranging from 34-35 degrees (summer) 36-37 degrees (winter).

Hot water comes from a bore on-site that in 400mtrs deep. It is safe to put your head under water.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-10pm
Closed: Mondays

Kids: $5.00
Adults: $10.00

1 Warner Road
07 543 3913

People-in-poolOmokoroa Kiwi Holiday Park, Thermal Mineral Pool

+’s I describe this pool as basic, perhaps even rustic, and that really appeals. I look for simplicity (for my go-to lifestyle) and authenticity (for my new-to-try-on way of being). These pools accomodate these ideals. I didn’t find the staff all that friendly, but perhaps i struck them on an ‘under-resourced’ moment. Out in Omokoroa is perfect for star gazing.

-‘s Are the changing rooms very minimal, reminding me of a school pool, but i was talking of loving simplicity a moment ago, was i not? The temperature difference between the hottest pool and cooler pool seemed quite stark for me. Never a fan of this reality when accompanying ‘minors’ who wish me to splash and dash with them in the colder temperatures.

3 Pools.
Largest pool is 10 metres long and around 4 foot deep. This pool is heated to around 35 degrees Celsius.
There is also a large hexagonal pool (ideal for children, at about waist height) heated to 37 degrees Celsius.
There is a small pool for adults only at 39 degrees Celsius.

The all-natural alkaline water leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. There is a real healing element to this mineral water and a good soak will do wonders for aches and pains.

Open: Every Day 9am – 8:30pm OR 9:30pm during peak times.
Closed to public: Due too high demand The Hot Pools are closed to the public during peak Periods (Eg. Summer Holidays, Easter)

165 Omokoroa Road
07 548 0857

10Sapphire Springs

+’s Aunty Anne just raved about the renos out at Sapphire Springs. It got me thinking of grabbing a wee tribe of us with tents and caravans and hitting the Kati Kati Hot Spring Road may be just the ticket in our slightly more financially lean times that 1-income slash child-raising can do to you. There are cabins too. Have i got you motivated for an adventure and a chance to introduce the smaller members of your family to some walking with the trees.

-‘s We visited (just cos we were there) after walking the Kauri Grove Track and it was closed for cleaning. So take their advice and call prior if you’re making a special trip.

3 Pools.
3 x warm outdoor thermal pools including
a small pool ideal for young children
a medium-sized rectangular pool
a large kidney shaped deep pool.

The pools are fed from a pure natural warm water spring which flows constantly, and enters the pools between 30°C and 32°C.

2 x hot private spas in a picturesque natural bush setting at 38°C.

Open daily (including public holidays) from 7.00am – 8.00pm.
We apologise for any inconvenience when pools are closed for cleaning. Please phone us to find out days and times of cleaning.

Kids: $3.50
Adults: $5.50

274 Hot Springs Road,
07 549 0768

Pool-CurrentaAthenree Holiday Park’s Hot Spring

+’s A great spot to remember when you’re visiting Waihi Beach. Do note the early closing time. Don’t get it into your head you will be able to have a romantic-evening-soak after dinner, get it into your head to go before dinner and leave the romance for the red wine and chocolate cuddles on the couch by candle-light.

-‘s Early closing time. Slightly particular around kids, but i guess it’s pretty stink bum if a pool has to get emptied after a little poose breaks loose. teeheehe.

2 Pools.
The larger pool is at 33-35C with an average depth of 1.3m and also has a shallow section for toddlers.
Smaller adult relaxing pool is at a temperature of 39.5C.
NB: Changing room has heated floors.

The pools are fed from an underground aquifer 250 metres deep – mineral water is pumped constantly through the pools and the volumes are replenished every 3-4 hours. Both pools are emptied and cleaned daily.

They have installed a water-to-water heat pump which recovers heat energy from water discharged from the pools and provides additional heat to the incoming geothermal water flowing to the plunge pool – this has meant that they have been able to greatly reduce energy inputs and reduce our CO2 emissions by 32 tonnes each year!

Sorry the pools are not suitable for children under 12 months.

Open to Public: Every Day 10:00am – 7:30pm daily.
Open for our staying guests from 8.30am – 7.30pm every day at no extra charge.

Kids: $5.50
Adults: $8.00

1 Athenree Road,
Bay of Plenty
07 863 5600

Feel free to tell the friendly or unfriendly folk at these pools that you found out about them, via wild & grace. It’s motivating to be ‘noticed.’

Happy warming times.

Written by Emily Marks

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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