How To Make Your Child’s First Fishing Trip An Amazing Experience

julie-macey-71163Going on a fishing trip with your children is one of the best family outings you can plan. These trips could be something as simple as packing the fishing poles and picnic lunch to go to the nearest local pond farm or lake, or it could mean a family holiday spent on a boat looking for the right fishing spot in deep blue waters. Whatever it takes to initiate your kid into their first fishing experience and make it a lifelong memory! Here are a few nifty tips to make the first fishing trip with your children a memorable experience.

1. Build your child’s curiosity early-on

Every child is different, and no one knows your kid more than you do. You should plan how to make the trip fun for your child by considering various questions related to their personality. Does your child like reading? Buy them a book on fishing that is geared towards children. Such books are easily available at local bookstores and libraries and explain how to fish as well as offer interesting tips.

If your son or daughter is easily distracted or prefers to watch TV, then get him or her a fun DVD that explains fishing in informative and catchy ways. Basically, pique their curiosity beforehand and also let them know what to expect, you don’t want it to be a shock for them leading to a bad experience for you!

2. Get appropriate child-friendly fishing equipment

Your child won’t be too handy with cumbersome and complicated adult fishing equipment. Choose fishing gear, lures and rods that are specifically made for children. The ones bearing cartoon/animated/sports stars or characters are usually a hit with kids, and can make a first fishing expedition even more joyful.

3. Do not underestimate location and timing

The last thing you want your child to get on their first fishing trip is fidgety or bored. This can happen if the wait time is too long, before you can even spot the movement of a fish – let alone catch one. The place and time can have a dramatic effect on the day’s success; therefore, select your preferred fishing area accordingly. Research spots that are known to be fishing havens. Do remember that fish are most active at sunrise or sunset, so choose to fish close to these hours.

4. Keep practicalities, back-up activities and safety in mind

Pick a suitable fishing spot that offers other interesting features like wildlife, landscape etc. so that there is a back-up activity if your child becomes restless. You can also pack some board games, apart from taking other essential items for a fishing trip like water, food, snacks, appropriate gear for weather protection, warm layers, bug spray and a first-aid kit. Ensure that your children understand and follow safety rules such as not getting too near to deep sections of the lake or too close to a fast-flowing river, especially if they don’t know how to swim – in which case, have them wear a life jacket.

With these helpful but important tips, your child’s first fishing session is going to be a wonderful way to spend quality together. It will also help them connect with nature and appreciate the outdoors.

Written by guest writer Jenny Holt
Photo credit: Julie Macey
Ansteys Beach, Bluff, South Africa


    1. So true. It’s about seizing the moment, is it not. It’s taking (even those 5-10 minutes) when our kids ask us to do something with us, rather than prioritising ‘the job’. But yes, most importantly, we all need to remember to get outside, with ourselves, and with other people. Thanks for your comments John.

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