Wanderlust 108 Auckland a gateway experience to Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo

wanderlust 2017-3Sister Corita Kent says, “Don’t try to create and analyse at the same time they’re different processes.” in her rules for creativity.

I’m sharing this right here, right now, cos i found myself wondering where to begin with this Wanderlust 108 Auckland ‘shout out’.
That Kent quote rescues me every time, and it’s a little sweet secret of an elixir for you to pop in your virtual goodie bag today, and use in your creative pursuits.

Whether it’s creating a new wellness rhythm for yourself, and that little analytic or critical voice starts piping up with all the reasons you can’t follow through with new well you, or you’ve having another go at meditation (you’re creating the space and possibility for it in your life) and that little voice chimes in again (very musical this little voice, which is also not so little, or maybe it is but it sure can pack a punch) or you’re sitting with pen and paper, or keyboard and fingers and that pack and punch voice starts cheering from the sidelines that, that’s not a Wanderlust enough way to start…

wanderlust 2017-12Instead “Consider everything an experiment” and “The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all of the work all the time who eventually catch on to thing and then “Find a place you trust and try trusting it for a while.” Thanks Sister Corita Kent, you’re a gem, pretty much like the Wanderlust logo.

Faff over.

Husband dropped me off at Western Springs Park. 7.45am. I was on time, which is often rare and always delightful. It’s my favourite. I prefer it to late or early.
It was drizzling, rather than light shower, which reminds me of a story my sister told me about a Swiss colleague perplexed at the difference between these two terms. I think you had to be there. She did a terrible Swiss accent. It was endearing.

I had many bags. I’m often that bag lady. I had brother-in-laws fluro running rain jacket and a rainbow scarf. I was ready for a happy day.

Even by 7.50am i got the evidence this event is a social media pursuers paradise. Phones were everywhere. Like me, i’m guessing they were ‘gramming’, fb-ing, snap-chatting. Wanderlust is definitely the place to be seen to be, even in the rain.

For it did rain. A lot. As much as early Autumn 2016 Aotearoa wanted to give us. People were in good spirits, but. The Australian compare sounded genuine in her incredulousness, that we were all here, doing it, the collective. “If we can do this, imagine what else we can achieve together,” she said.

That stage housed some beautiful sounds.
A DJed set with live electric guitar overlayed ontop by ARLI. I couldn’t stop filming him. The keening of that gee-tar seemed to complement the driving of the sky’s tears.
And Tahl Rinsky the main yoga teacher’s voice! It’s my big idea: all successful teachers need to have musical, lyrical, memorable voices. She had one. Unless one teaches with silence, voice calls a student in, or keeps them out. Agree?

She was playful too. There were many partner poses, which got people smiling, laughing and feeling ‘together’. I enjoyed her sense of humour or cheek, when she’d count us down, but then start intentionally ‘chewing the fat’ in the middle, elongating the stretch.
A lovely Finnish girl Lina who i re-met under an oak felt conscious of the slip factor in this rain on our mats. She and i were surprised the teacher didn’t warn people or suggest to put tootsies directly on the grass. I guess we are discerning adults. I guess we also like to do things as one, hence this mass, community, open air yoga class, so attractive that people were happy to do it in the rain, sometimes drizzle, other times light shower.

My five favourite things about Wanderlust 108 Auckland in not particular order were:
tahi) the tribal markings: uniquely hand drawn on to each participant who chose the priority check in ‘tribal pack’.
rua) the 5 km run, complete with the volunteers who each had their personal support style. The tall guy near the tram lines, had verbose energy and threw in a Choo-choo after his words of direction. The silent guy who hid behind this sign almost as if he was embarrassed. The signs themselves: inspiring quotes written with sexy font. The chick with a South American accent who asked for a high five from everyone that travelled past. The swans. The geese. The autumn colour falling. The children strolling with their families and their siblings’ strollers. These lookers-on who seemed curious or curiously not, as the case may be.
toru) the Organic Mechanic’s OM kombucha lounge, its great tasting kombucha on tap, the detailed chalk drawn OM + graphics on blackboard.
wha) the florescent hoops spinning around people’s hips, under breasts and around ankles
rima) the aerial yoga in the glade, watching those teachers keep on giving in that oftentimes cold and persistent rain laced with wind, and marvelling at how happy and at home people were hanging like spiders upside down or nestled in nectar coloured silks like cocooned babes, with a visual symphony of umbrellas wandering past.

And just cos Kent shared John Cages advice to conclude her list of rules for creativity, “We’re breaking all of the rules, even our own rules, and how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room for x quantities.”

Bahahaha. I’m not sure i understand what this means. Brilliant. But i’m gonna break my own rules and add in another ‘highlight of the day’ (as we call it when we share around the dinner table with our 3 kids).

ono) the adorable food trucks, namely Storm and India (i want to eat you, yikes i could be coming on too strong). But that silver plated tea caravan, the rose leaves, the tea-makers-slash-sellers, the whole shebang is eye candy. The gelato father and daughter? team. The vintage double dutch fries, mayo, t or satay sauce anyone? R.A.W.E. And the warmth and beauty of Autumn and Jen and their herbal potential food and drinks.

It was a bit of buzz knowing Wanderlust 108s were happening at the same time around the world.
The high vibes were certainly as advertised, undeniable even in the rain.
I loved watching the joy best friends were having together, whether over-hearing conversations on the run, or photographing their faces in the partner yoga, or watching them share an umbrella.
I love how accessible this event is for people. It felt like value for money. It’s doable for Mums with young kids, as it’s only 8am-4pm rather than the common all weekend festival. It’s central Auckland, still somewhere beautiful, rather than a tucked away, tricky to get, yet ‘exotic’ location.
Those high vibes aforementioned scored me a free-ride home with some ‘new or fresh’ friends. Jo and Sara from West Auckland continued to assure me as I led them into winding Ponsonby streets that there GPS would get them home.

Kia ora wonderful Westies and Wanderlust for an occasion that helped me to feel playful and connected with community and nature.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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