Camping Fun Assured At The Bay Of Plenty

tommy-lisbin-211935.jpgLooking to get away from the stress and hassle of the city and reconnect with Mother Nature? If so, there is no better place to do so than in the Bay Of Plenty. This is one of the most beautiful destinations for oceanfront camping on the North Island. All its 259 kms of open coastline offer scenic ocean views, lush vegetation, and the warm, breezy weather that is perfect for camping experiences. The Bay of Plenty also boasts some of the best-reputed camping parks in New Zealand, and for this reason, our region gets thousands of both local and international campers every year.

Things to Remember When Planning Your Camping Trip

It is important to note that how you plan for your camping experience in the Bay Of Plenty will determine how successful it will be. You need to do sufficient research on the place where you want to set up camp to get an understanding of the supplies that you need to carry along as well as the camping amenities that the place offers. For example, a good number of the camping or holiday parks in the Bay Of Plenty offer eating points or barbeques, so you can choose whether to take advantage of such conveniences or to just cook your own food.

In addition, if you are going solo, be sure to carry the basics like a camping tent, a tarp on which to lay under the tent, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a lantern, a cooler for your food, some utensils, and maybe a backpacking stove if you plan to do your own cooking. If you are planning for a group outing, you must take into consideration the needs and preferences of your group members e.g. special diet for those that require it. You also need to carry additional tents and tarps for the others, and an extra tent that can serve as a kitchen.

Must Dos While Camping At The Bay Of Plenty

When you go camping in the Bay Of Plenty, it’s not just about setting up your tents and sitting around a fire. The Bay Of Plenty offers an exciting variety of activities that you and your friends or family members can engage in while camping. Some of them include:


If you are camping near Lake McLaren, you can go for a Waimarino glow worm kayak tour on the lake. Trained guides lead kayakers on to the tranquil lake at dusk to discover the beauty of the enthralling glow worm canyon.

Adrenalin Forest:

Just 20 minutes from Tauranga and Rotorua is the Adrenalin Forest that offer plenty of fun and adventure for the entire family. With over 100 physical challenges of varying difficulties, this forest offers an opportunity to push your limits while having fun.

Swim with dolphins:

According to the New Zealand tourism website, it is estimated that the Bay Of Plenty is home to over 40,000 common dolphins. With the help of trained guides, you and your crew can get to swim with these beautiful, amazing creatures.


The Bay Of Plenty also offers several ideal surfing spots like the Makatana white sand beach, the Newdicks Beach, and the Mount Maunganui beach. You can even get surf lessons at Mount Maunganui beach.

You can also soak in the hot salt water pools at the base of Mount Maunganui, check out the lush orchards of giant kiwifruit at Kiwi360, or even go for a spin of the Kaituna River.

Written by Jenny Holt

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