A festival of the heart – little YOGA festival 2017 – Spring Mt Maunganui


little YOGA festival 2017 story of her conception…

This summer and autumn i have been yoga-ing with Mari Hall. We have been doing Kundalini Yoga and Medi-Yoga. It has been ecstatic. It has been uncomfortable. It has been healing.

Within one of Mari’s classes outside beneath the trees, blue and light and warmth of the sun and with the roaming cat, and the summer bees, inspiration for little YOGA festival 2017 came to be, came to me.

The Heart.

It would be a festival of the heart.

The festival would encourage our people, our teachers, participants, volunteers, creative and delivery team to be

Big hearted
Listen to our hearts
Learn the heart perceives information before the mind.

I later went to the International Yoga Festival at Kawai Purapura and looked down at their programme to read:
A revolution of the heart…

And later a inspiring talk through the lens of Chinese Medicine with Deb Karl,
The relationship between the womb and the heart.

Divine serendipity.
An invitation for this time.


The message i received from Nature, yours, ours and everyone’s is one of
H E A R T.

“We function better in a state of empathy and compassion and love than we do in a state of separation.In every tradition culture the heart is considered to be the centre of the self, not the brain. The heart contains intelligence. The heart is not just gooey emotion.The heart is smart (Marc Ian Barasch)”.

Let this be a festival to remember.
A festival that finds our rhythmic heart.
A celebration that opens.

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