Kiwi Sheepskins’ Boots for your Kids

cutaway-mid-calf-boot-infoAbout a month ago (was it?) i shared a short and cheerful list of online suppliers for real sheepskin boots.

I guess if you’re a vegan this post is not for you.

A yoga friend said the other day she doesn’t label herself as anything. She wants to be flexible and not be defined or catalogued by a ‘rule’ not by other people and not by herself. She wants to live yoga and be fluid, be able to change, adapt, be more than dualistic, more than i eat meat or i don’t. I am an earth worshipper or i’m not. I am empathetic or i’m not.

It was a provocative conversation to have.

It reminded me of another. An observation that quite often organic, healthy products then come wrapped in plastic, or are packaged in unsustainable ways. I think about this with the Ceres Roasted Nori our young family adore to ‘consume’.

BTW. Anyone got a great recipe to share for the aforementioned?

How do we practice Yoga without practicing on a plastic mat?
How can we say no thank you to the grandparents’ plastic gifts without being ungrateful, un-fun, and maybe rude?
How do we be vegan without buying synthetic plastic (polypropylene, polyester, polar-fleece, vinyl) to keep us warm or dry?
It’s quite possibly time i research the correct definition of vegan.
I’ve heard there are a couple of differing camps.

So easy for me to digress. Queen of distraction. Can i stay with it, accept it as Pema Chodron would suggest?

Sheepskin Boots before Kindy pick-up…

Our family recently got a set of new Sheepskin footwear from Kiwi Sheepskins.
I see gumboots, birkenstocks (for me) and a pair of leather shoes for the kids, and real woollen slippers a compulsory inventory for winter.

We love our new ‘mid calf chocolate’ boots thank you very much Kiwi Sheepskins.
Andrew, from Kiwi Sheepskins has been a delight to collaborate with, friendly, efficient and fast.
We placed our order and seriously i’m sure it was less than 24 hours before we were all donning warm tootsies.

I will confess to wearing mine to Kindy drop off.

They are just too warm and sexy (that’s a bit of an exaggeration) to take off. I love encouraging parents to be shameful (or playful) and wear inappropriate clothing and make-up to mundane occasions such as child retrieval.

I will also admit to not choosing the right size for me and then neglecting to remember to bring my pair back to the local dairy to re-post.

So my final confession is that i’ve claimed my husbands. He finally got outwardly grumpy about it, whilst standing on our tawa floorboards, “So, they’re officially yours now are they?” They were his belated birthday present. Wife guilt – right there.

The children?

7 year old wore them to school every day for a fortnight until (i believe) she was told not to. She wore them with pride. She folded down the tops so they looked all fluffy and even more like my Bogan High School friends from the late 80s.

I love that i can walk out to the firewood stack, the letterbox, the washing line with the “TPR sole is [which is] ultra flexible and lightweight and is cushioned with a lambskin insole.”

I love that the kids can spill their vitamin C juice mouthfuls on the chocolate or chestnut coloured hide and no one can tell.

I’m a happy camper thanks Kiwi Sheepskins.

I was going to say we’ll be back, but there’s a added feature in our loafer clog version where we can replace the lambskin insole (which in our experience loses its fluff and joie de vivre after about 4 years) whilst retaining the main body of the slipper which never seems to wear out e.g. the sole and the top toe bit . FYI the ‘top toe bit’ is “protected by a hide toe cap and securely fastened to a side-stitched sole”  (within this Kiwi Sheepskins design) so if you don’t have time to bend over and clip that big toenail too regularly, with all that parenting you’re doing, you’re sorted with this reinforced Kiwi Sheepskins feature.

So maybe hubby and i won’t be back.
But the kids keep getting longer feet…
So, yes dear Kiwi Sheepskins, we’ll be back.
Kia ora mucho for our warm well whanau this winter.

boot-styles (1)

This is a sponsored post. If you have a product you believe wild & grace and ‘her’ readers would enjoy, feel free to get in touch.

Written by Emily Marks

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