Kundalini Yoga Class at Golden Yogi Takapuna Auckland

14708040_940884019389411_4160870357847295241_oSome of our wee family ventured up to Tamaki Makarau to attend the Lions vs All Blacks rugby match this weekend.

This Arts & Wellness Goddess (if i do say so myself) was impressed with this sporting ritual. My husband lights up with rugby union – it’s his happy place. I love being with people in their happy place. He glows. His face looks like that of his child’s. He’s present. None of his worries are anywhere to be seen in his forehead or his hands for that sweet 80 minutes.

We wandered in a light shower along the fan trail, following the red line painted on the pavement. Past we went by, an eclectic mix of bands and street performers. My favourite was the Celtic with their pipes, drums, hairy legs and plaid winter-coloured kilts. Another was on Bond Street in an illuminated pixie shaped tent, a wooden double-bass being plucked amidst the festoon lights. There were strung rainbow coloured miniature festoons around about the same place as the performers working with electric-light-poi. I was collecting business cards and event ideas by the dozen, my mind wandering from rugby to little YOGA festival 2017, only 12 weeks away.

Sunday morning and i’m missing our Bay Kundalini Yoga teacher Mari Hall, who’s left the shores for her second home Stockholm, Sweden.

Determined to be walking the talk and talking the walk i make my body, mind and heart the focus for the morning and ‘Waze it up’ to find Golden Yogi in Takapuna with a Kundalini class with Erin O’Hara.

I knew the class was to be a bless-ed one when i found a FREE park, available and complimentary.

Even more golden to find i was early instead of what i thought i was – late.

One (okay it was two) cups of Chocolate Bliss tea later and poring over the white cotton pants and tops for those committed or curious to the Kundalini way, the class was to begin.

The room filled quickly and before i knew it i was looking at our teacher in white, in front a terrace of green from the trees seen beyond the white blinds, the large brass gong to her right filling me with wonder.

It was a sometimes challenging, sometimes musical, all the time pranayama (breath-work-ing) hour of union (yoga) with mind, body & soul.

Lots of new and little of the old, from dear and missed Mari.

But the friendly front people of Golden Yogi talked of Soreya’s classes coming up in the Bay, and i got excited.

The class reminded me of the talk i gave that week at our website launch of little YOGA festival 2017 at Wild One Wholefoods Eatery. It was a nourishing night, of uplifting company, and delicious food and drink, thanks to our lovely sponsors: Organic Mechanic, Soul Organics, Flaveur Bread and Forage + Bloom (teas), Photography by Marijke and MOSH Social Media.

PBM_8266I had prepped a presentation and found myself introducing a segue, on the importance of Sound, and that in my opinion it’s to be the next revolution of healing. That we will all be participating with it (over the next decade) as much as people now participate with the movement aspect of Yoga. Sound has a miraculous ability to move thought, emotion, and being. We can embrace singing, kirtan, breath work, chanting, mantra with whole-heartedness. With sound we can be playful, curious and courageous.

And Erin’s class finished with (as she described an extra long Gong, cos we had worked so hard and deserved it). She invited us to bask in the healing of this great instrument. The sound reminded me of electronic or experimental music. It sounded like the majesty , confusion and deep meditative qualities of ‘feedback’. That kind of dis-orientation of distortion, the mix of putrid with beauty. There was a rumble, elemental, of thunder. And a subtle melody, all within this one percussive instrument.

I enjoyed that third cup of Chocolate Bliss upon departure, and took note to notice one Golden Yogi has the initiative to bring a simple slim jam jar as her ‘keep cup’, complete with a serviette wrapped around it.

I loved meeting the open-hearted souls in the changing room and making connections with future little YOGA festival contributors.

It’s a beautiful world this one we choose.cropped-cropped-greedy-for-colour-2015-29-of-431.jpg

The inspiration i received (today) on mat was asking for help. I was encouraged to remind our community this is a festival for our people and its life will be long and strong when we join together to nurture it.

So i (our little YOGA festival) welcome any sharing of (via social media, conversation, dinner parties to raise awareness for) our wellness and arts weekend with your friends, whanau and fellows.

Go well with your relationships, with yourself, your lover(s), your partner(s), your family, your friends, your community, your universe.

Emily Marks

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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