Teacher in the Paddock – Sauerkraut & Bone Broth Workshops – Bay of Plenty

Some good things take time, like this post being published.

2 years ago when our third born was a mere month over 1 year young, i ventured out to Papamoa with some Matua Mums to Jane and Kevin Powell’s place for a Teacher in the Paddock workshop. This one was their sauerkraut & bone broth. I came home amped up, complete with my wooden cabbage squasher (i wonder on it’s original / official name). I’d suggested to Claire that we could have community sauerkraut making sundays, where the children play gaily, and we shred, squeeze and squash organic cabbage.

Has that happened? No, it has not.

What has, however, is making Bone Broth.

I still have some beef bone broth in the freezer, and i learned a precious lesson from that original fervour.

Storing broth is much more useful when poured into small containers such as ice-cube trays, ice-block moulds and other such things.

Using a large plastic container to store the ‘elixir’ takes up too much room in the freezer and makes it near on impossible to use. I have taken to trying to shave off the broth (whilst frozen) or less romantically almost stab it off, but this feels a little dangerous and rather like i’m ravaging our nutritious ingredients.

I’ll admit to not enjoying the aroma of bubbling beef bones.
Poulet i can stomach more.

I feel very virtuous delivering homemade chicken broth to poorly friends and whanau.

Nigel Slater makes the broth even more exciting with his Hot and sour grilled chicken soup (with lemongrass, ginger, chilli and plenty of Asian punch) etc found on page 87 of Nigel Slater real cooking. If you beg me for his recipe i’ll find the patience to write it out.

Jane and Kevin from Teacher in the Paddock contribute such nutritious-ness to our community. They’re both calm, salt-of-the-earth people. I found it very warming to watch them working in the kitchen together. Moving around each other without communicating with words. Their farm feels close to Papamoa town when you’re driving but once there you could be a million miles away from any mall or motorway. There’s a sprawling allowed to be wild garden and content kept animals.

Teacher in the Paddock run Nutritional Workshops, After School Programmes, Field Trips and Holiday Programmes. Our Otumoetai Playcentre have gone as a group to meet their animals and see how a farm operates. Jane and Kevin are authentic, calm and kind. Just the sorts i love being around ‘my’ younger people.

This is how Jan & Kevin describe their services on the Teacher in the Paddock website:
“As part of a small group, children will have one on one exposure to daily life on a small farm.  They will acquire life skills that will give them confidence for the challenges in today’s world. Our programme is focused outdoors and is interactive where children can be children with nature, our farm and family life.”

Here’s a wee list of their nutritional workshops:
* Living Probiotics from your Pantry with Jane
* Wild about Weeds with Julia Sitch
* Simply Soft Cheese with Kevin
* Bone Broth & Sauerkraut
* Kefir & Kombucha

Lastly a wee visual diary of our experience those 2 years (8 seasons ago).


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