little YOGA festival – an easy & mindful place to take your kids to in Mt Maunganui this Spring


There’s a maker’s space with low to the ground (Japanese inspired) trestle tables, laden with thick cartridge paper and giant lyra colouring in pencils in a rainbow of colours. There’s stilt-walking classes. There’s a multitude of kids’ yoga classes. Laughter Yoga will be there as per usual. You and the kids can explore the Mount Community Gardens. It’s all tucked up a driveway or beach access away from any road.
If you need a break down one beach access is Marine Parade (the main surf beach for those of you from out of town), down the other beach access is Mount Main Street, about 5 houses away is Hopukiore or Mt Drury which has mature Pohutakawa and slippery hills of grass to slide down. And if they’re desperate for a playground (and the beach, the grass and garden doesn’t cut it) there’s a giant slide, plenty of swings and some climbing frames at Mt Drury Playground literally a 5 minute walk from the festival site.

The Director of Aotearoa’s most handmade and whole-hearted little YOGA festival is a Mama to 3 kids. She’s a Secondary School trained Teacher, a Playcentre Mum who loves the learning, developing, evolving process.

As Joseph Chilton Pearce says, “We are the model”.
Our children do what we do, “They’re downloading us all the time,” says Pennie Brownlee author of Dance with me in the Heart.

This festival is a culmination of little YOGA festival 2015, Delightful Festival of Body & Sound 2016 and Backyard YOGA festival Autumn 2017. Each festival has become more and more child or younger person inclusive. The first began with kids yoga and Rise & Shine a dance party with dress-ups and citrus-pressers. The second had a full day dedicated to workshops for younger people, featuring Breaking classes with Rush Wepiha, Capoeira with Craig Beer, Ukulele with Alice Sea. The third embraced a Playcentre model, where stations of play were set up on the periphery of the workshop space. These play’stations’ including duplo, playdough, rock painting, swing ball, swings, tree climbing, a slide which was an old scaffolding plank, train sets, drawing, a shop operated by children, a ‘green room’ or a community performance which saw 4 under 7 year olds sing or act.


Younger and older people could come and go freely (whilst being mindful of the class in action) from the structured learning, into the ‘organic’ or ‘child-led’ learning.
Festival-Director Emily Mowbray-Marks says this about that Autumn Backyard YOGA Festival earlier this year, “It’s been my favourite event yet. The highlight was seeing one girl contributing to Kirtan (singing a mantra in sanskrit) whilst up in the highest branch of a tree, and shaking a stick of bells all at the same time. That same girl was later seen doing Vinyasa Yoga next to her Mum. Or having the kids making with playdough, then doing Laughter Yoga with their brothers and sisters a few moments later.”

This is the backdrop of understanding for little YOGA festival 2017 – stations of play available for younger and older people to do, make, explore alongside more structured learning within the workshops timetabled. This truly is a family friendly festival.

For people aged 8 – 12 years they may enjoy 

Ukulele or Didgeridoo
World Singing
Sign Language
the Belle Tent Library with sophisticated picture books
or the aforementioned Laughter Yoga or Stilt-walking.

The older younger people 12 years + would quite possibly enjoy most of the Yoga programme, maybe not so much of the talky things.

Alongside the making, doing, yoga-ing, laughing you can all
listen to live music together on the green
or eat delicious food and fresh drinks from the food trucks on offer.

It’s a warm-hearted space to slow down and be together.

As Joseph Chilton Pearce says, “We are the model”.

Our children do what we do, “They’re downloading us all the time,” says Pennie Brownlee author of Dance with me in the Heart.


Come to our festival and let them see us (adults or older people) valuing friendship, learning, trying something new and maybe even struggling, laughing, smiling, making or enjoying music and being present to each other. Let them know we value our well-being. For when we as parents thrive and feel happy so to, do our children.

FREE for Children under 14 when attending with an adult.

Limited Early Bird Tickets available until end of July (if not sold out before).
Weekend Passes available and Individual Day Passes available.

15-17 September 2017 Mt Maunganui.

BOOK your tickets here:

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