Franko Heke, Karen Hunter, Didgeridoo, Music of Plants – local musicians and imported ones – share original melodies, and grace the little YOGA festival stage Mt Maunganui 15-17 September 2017

little YOGA festival has made it a fabulous excuse to get some of Aotearoa’s most soulful musicians all ‘in the room’ or on the ‘green’ this Spring at May Street Reserve, Mt Maunganui.

Before we go any further a significant round of wild hugging and applause to Sarah Marlowe Spence for collecting and gathering this mix of musicians for Aotearoa’s most hand-made and whole-hearted little YOGA festival.

Keep reading and wandering through this post to discover the faces and words of our LYF collective of musicians.

You can get your tickets here:

Mucho mucho aroha to these artists, what they bring, who they be, how they enrich the world we live in.

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Music is the language that has flowed fluently through me like a river since I was born. Music communicates in ways that mere words fall short, flowing through hardships, finding its way through rocky places, coating life with comfort and delight.

Sarah Marlowe Spence

A recent arrival to the Bay of Plenty, Sarah Marlowe Spence (also known as Premratna) sings hearts open. Her voice has an inspirational folk feel, with an overlay of yogic influence which infuses into her work as a singer/songwriter, yoga teacher, yoga class accompanist and kirtan artist/teacher.

Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter takes her audience on a sublime musical journey with evocative melodies that draw from a fusion of world music and rootsy grooves.Kāren loops her voice, guitar and mandolin to create heart charged soundscapes blending her many influences in an entertaining and original fashion.

Kāren Hunter’s journey into songwriting traverses over 35 years and many styles and characters have emerged throughout her adventure. Hunter skywalks through uncharted territory, guided by her personal map of the cosmos, creating space to travel with her audience.

Neil Crowe

Bay of Plenty singer/songwriter Neil Crowe will be performing his music which is a mix of soul, jazz, blues, funk, gospel, folk, & rock n’ roll.  Neil’s songs explore how we attempt to connect, respond to experience and make meaning. His style is influenced by the music of The Impressions, The Beatles, Motown, Stax, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Paul Weller & Buddy Holly to name a few. Check out his facebook page, Neil Crowe Music. To find out more about his music and availability for gigs contact neil on

Instagram: @neilc05

Alice Sea

Alice Sea will take you down the rabbit hole of musical mystery, they call her the one woman band from the wide variety of world instruments she plays & loops together throughout her set. Alice Sea creates the sound loops live during her show using effects pedals, vocals & and array of string, wind & percussion instruments, a sound journey from the heart with influences from calypso, latin, dub, traditional folk & eastern music.

Rā combines the sweet tones of the ukulele with lyrical stories of her ancestors. Her voice echoes deep into the soul as she draws you into her heart, life and culture. She shares openly with a playful nature, reflecting joyful abandonment in the laughter shared between the songs. The journey is heart melting, ear tingling and delivered from a place of love.

Franko Heke

Franko Heke is on a mission to raise consciousness through his music and workshops. Drawing on ancient mantra in combination with his own cultural roots, Franko’s devotional sessions are bound to coax your own divine voice into the open with his distinct fresh sounds for today. With years of touring rock music under his belt, Franko’s compass has drawn him north toward a movement, which brings people together, celebrating our unique gifts, our connection to one another and to mother earth. Sought after for yoga, meditation and transformational festival events, Franko’s boundless energy for the betterment of all beings.
Instagram: @frankoheke

Simone Vitale

Simone Vitale is a visionary musician, composer and sound healer whose work is dedicated to promoting an ecology of sound and music where kindness and mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. In his project “The Sound of Golden Light”, Simone is following the call for a more ethical approach to Art. His deep understanding of the effects of sound and music on the human body, mind and soul is offered to the higher purpose of contributing to a re-connection with Nature in a time when this is urgently needed. Simone’s musical creation is multifaceted and includes: healing music, music for pregnancy and birth, music of the plants, live music for yoga and movement, inspirational songs and more.
At Little Yoga Festival, Simone will present a collection of original songs and instrumental pieces with an uplifting and introspective quality.

Rivers and the North Wind

Rivers & the Northwind is the act Nina Mayhara writes and performs under bringing soulful skillful groovy blues and rock influenced world music.

‘Smooth velvet vocals set against strong rhythmic guitar’ Nina’s music has brought awareness to local issues such as mining on Karangahake’s sacred mountain and endeavors to inspire social change centered within our deepest selves. Music that speaks to you on a heart & soul level with an edgy flavor bringing it back to earth.
Instagram: @Nina Mayhara

Autumn and Em

The joy of creating and experiencing music brings Autumn and Em together for events such as little yoga festival and The Delightful Festival of Body and Sound. With Em on vocals and guitar, Autumn weaves in the mystical sound of the didgeridoo, creating an eclectic vibe.

Grace and Hattie

Come and experience to find out about this duo.

We’re happy to host you for a weekend of 80+ workshops, inspiring speakers, gastronomical delights, hot pools, fun runs and these spirited musicians this Spring 15-17 September 2017 May Street Reserve (home to The Yoga Collective) Mt Maunganui.

FREE for children under 14 years who attend with an adult.

Tickets here:



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