Why you could go to the ‘Day Retreat into the Heart of Self-Love’ with Kara-Leah Grant and Ben Ralston in Tauranga 4 November 2017

LAST days of the Early Bird Discount for ‘The Day Retreat into the Heart of Self Love

You don’t want to miss this one.

This is a day retreat with Kara-Leah Grant (NZ) and Ben Ralston (UK) in a quaint sun soaked rural Settler’s Hall atop of Ohauiti Hall, in the Bay of Plenty. Magical views of Mauao, the ocean in the distance and rolling emerald hills between.

I’ve booked my place.

I feel impatient – like a kid waiting for a birthday party.

I’m excited about ‘working’ with both a man and a woman around this topic. This TOPIC. It feels like a golden and rare opportunity to explore self-love (which is something that i struggle with and am deeply interesting in becoming more fluent with).

I’ve had many conversations with teachers i converse with for guidance about ‘self-love’.

What does it even mean?
What’s the difference between self-care and self-love?
How do i balance my needs with the needs of the people closest to me? My husband, my children, my mother (perhaps).
What happens when my needs are in conflict with another person’s needs?
What is a need?
Or what are ‘my’ needs?

I don’t even know for sure that we’re going to explore the range of these questions…

But the fact that someone is as curious about this ‘term’ as i am has got me signed up.

I’m equally as intrigued by how is it sometimes i don’t care for myself?
What is my intention behind doing what i do? e.g. saying yes to an occasion when i don’t want to go.
Yes, what’s the connection, the relationship between people pleasing, authenticity, listening to the heart, living a contented life.

It strikes me when we afford ourselves this, we can empathise and allow others to ‘have’ this also.

Kirstie O’Sullivan recently shared about time.
This notion of ‘I don’t have time for this’.
She read and then shared with me, we have time for the events, people, activities that are a priority to us.

I’m a little nervous about the Yoga, cos i’m not very Hatha Yoga ‘fit’ at present. Kundalini Yoga is my practice.

So there are parts of the day i’m ‘ready’ for and parts that are outside my comfort zone.

I know (in my heart) this is something my spirit, wairua, soul, inner-child, essence will
L O V E.

Have you registered?
For more information email: emily@wildandgrace.co.nz
Check out the facebook event page HERE which has videos and further information about the teachers and what to expect.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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