Mastercook – The Third Season – Alex, Winter, Fire & Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem 2017

mastercook elmsey-10

Two nights ago i stayed up into the dark and shared with you, husband’s Mastercook. Summer. Ponsonby. SPQR.

All revved up today whilst playdates are ravaging our house, i have located the snaps from last Winter’s Mastercook with Alex, aka Elmsey.

mastercook elmsey-7

What a guy this fellow is.
He’s my brother-in-law (of nearly a year).
Someone with big smiles, hands and feets.
Someone patient, motivated, ready-for-a-laugh, loyal and loving.
I’m so happy for my little sis, and they make Mastercook so much fun, and so much
D E L I C I O U S.

Husband surprised me for my birthday last June and booked the babysitter, and kidnapped me into the cold.

After a wine shop at New World Mount Maunganui, he told me he was busting, and oh what a stroke of luck that we were so close to Tessie and Elmsey’s house for a pee-stop.

We arrived to homemade Happy Birthday signs, streamers, a roaring fire for the June night

M A S T E R C O O K.

mastercook elmsey-5

mastercook elmsey-4

Brother Jordan was there too. A true treat. Thanks team.

mastercook elmsey-9

mastercook elmsey-6

mastercook elmsey-8

Alex rustled up Yotam Ottolenghi’s Beef meatballs with fava beans & lemon.

G O D.


We all ate too uncomfortably much.

There was warmed pita and homemade hummus puddled in olive oil to start.
Good wine.
Funny & deep talk.

mastercook elmsey-15

mastercook elmsey-11

Aretha Franklin on vinyl was playing on the newly pur-chay-sed turntable.
mastercook elmsey-13

mastercook elmsey-18

mastercook elmsey-16

mastercook elmsey-17

mastercook elmsey-19

mastercook elmsey-14

Semolina, coconut & marmalade cake was to finish, around the fire, whilst sinking into the leather couch, and the boxer dog Bruce.

mastercook elmsey-20

A Cookbook
is a treasure tome.

Get it.
Get it.

Or if you’re a greeny or minimalist frequent Ottolenghi’s website here:

Which cookbook would you Mastercook from?

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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