10 ways to enjoy (your) kids and (your) other relationships

One of my favourite bloggers, live-ers in fact is Lucy AitkenRead.

Lucy lives in a yurt in the Karangahake Gorge with her husband, two daughters, dog Zoe and other animals.

She writes Lulastic and the Hippyshake. She also writes books like Happy Hair, a how-to on tips to survive stopping washing your hair. AND her You Tube channel is funny, beautifully crafted, full of colour, interesting, refreshing, inspiring and whole-hearted. Sneak secret i watch it in the bath – is that too much information. Hmmm?

In one of her episodes she exclaims it’s NOT OKAY to say ‘I don’t like children’. She says this is prejudiced. She says it is okay to express not enjoying an aspect of what children may or may not bring to one’s life. These are my examples which follow e.g. I don’t like chaos, or I don’t like people shouting in close proximity to me, or it is okay I like sleeping, or I like my own space etc. But it is NOT OKAY to be prejudiced and if we find ourselves doing this, take a look at ourselves. Where is this coming from? What is being triggered? What can be learn?

This got me to thinking…

Being with children is just like being with anyone in relationship.
It’s about complicity.
When i think about family & friends, each of them inspire something different in me.
Like a chameleon, being with individual people brings out different colours, hues, flavours, conversations, pace, activities, states in me.
With my Mum i share a love of food and education.
With my Dad he brings out the philosopher, the slower paced, the observer.
With my old friend Carrie we share laughter, recipes, colour, photographs.
With a new friend Helen we talk human rights, we go to live music, we marvel at mystery.
With my husband we talk awareness, we thrive in nature, we talk business & we eat.

I have found it’s helpful, especially for those rainy days, or those tired days, or those lost days, or those bluesy days to have a list on hand to GO TO which reminds me in what environments it’s easiest to enjoy (my) children, or which activities we all love doing together, or where i find my JOY, or where we all find our flow.

This post is about encouraging you to make your list and stick it to the fridge, have it on your phone, or write it on the blackboard.

Who doesn’t love making lists?

You could make a list for activities you love doing with your partner, or your parent(s), or here’s an idea


Here’s my top ten ways to enjoy (my) children

1. Go to the Hot Pools (especially in the rain). NB: We like to take dressing gowns to wear afterwards.

2. Read Picture Books aloud snuggling on the couch.

3. Watch ‘Earth channel’ or the like together on the couch.

4. Play cricket or soccer in the backyard.

5. Go for a bike-ride on a track close by e.g. The Daisy Hardwick.

6. Go to the beach together (even on a cold and windy day).

7. Build with the colourful Grimms’ German (Steiner) wooden blocks on the floor, with calm yoga music in the background c/- Spotify.

8. Play (live) music with or without dancing.

9. Watch old family videos or look at photo albums.

10. Do art together at the kitchen table, depending on my energy levels either with paints (more clean up), or with water colour pencils, or oil pastels.

This was a post written from whoa to go in 20 minutes before school pick-up by Emily Mowbray-Marks. I’d love to hear your top ten ways to enjoy (your) kids.


I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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