Diner en Blanc in the Bay of Plenty Saturday 10 March 2018 – a Secret Location – a Night to Remember

Good grief how long ago was it i first wrote about Diner en Blanc?


So long i can’t find it in this site’s search engine.

But let’s not dilly dally any further.
What a delicious event this is – this Diner en Blanc or Dinner in white (if you must).

A gourmet pop up secret location mass public picnic dressed, tableclothed, styled ALL in WHITE. Does it get any better, any more magical, any more like a Tim Burton fantastical film than THAT.

I’m fairly sure the story goes i saw it in a Dumbo Feather magazine or a Good Magazine all those baby-filled years ago – this visual feast of a event which originates from Paris France. Oh oh oh soooooo romantic and hedonistic and yum yum.

I thought – i have to get my good self to one of these one day.

I wrote about it, pasting those ‘postcard-picture’ shots of the Eiffel Tower glowing and seemingly golden, fairy-lit in the background beyond the green field peppered with diners draped in white. Well there’s a long story in between but finally in 2015 Kimberley Cleland and i manoeuvered life and got ourselves to Diner en Blanc Auckland. And before you know it the big visioned Kim (and ‘her’ team) brought this International Event to our beautiful Bay of Plenty.

How lucky are we?

Husband and i were graced enough in 2017 to go to Bay of Plenty’s first ever Diner en Blanc, and what a sensation it was.

Husband surprised me and got himself more organised that i (actually ‘the more organised’ bit doesn’t really surprise me if i’m honest) but bought some Glasson’s white jeans (were they House of G or were they Hallensteins’? – he’s a bit of a non-conformist so it wouldn’t surprise me, anyhoo), and a white linen shirt and holy smoke ‘i’m off to the ball with Prince Charming.’

One ‘back-in-the-day-Mother-Duck-tulle-frilled-bodacious-theatre-costume-later’ and another House of G white cotton slip doubling as a singlet later with a splash of candy yum yum, we are pulling up to the Sister’s champagne pre-party. Feeling more and more dream-like by the second.

I guess the nature of this ‘surprise’ event means that each city, country, year has its own personality, which means it’s an event you can attend year after year and be ‘turned on’ each time.

I will confess i enjoyed the Bay of Plenty 2017 Diner en Blanc more than the previous downtown Britomart Auckland. Perhaps because this time round i didn’t have a breastfeeding 1 year old waiting for me at Nana’s house. I was with eye-candy husband. And this 2017 evening was kick-farking-brilliant.

Pilot Bay.
Shown to our seats via the seductive South American drum beats of Tauranga Samba Band.
A sun-filled wind-less summer’s eve.
People walking, dancing, sitting, embracing like art-works in one enlightened palette.
Men in white.
Women in white.
The ocean twinkling with white.
Loud laughter.
Feeling part of something standout and sensational and whole-heartedly SPLENDID.
Abundant and fine champagne.
Conversation, sometimes naughty, always fun.
New friends.
Old friends.
Late night jams and rambles.


You have 1 night – 1 day left to buy your ticket.
You’re given a pick up location, where you’re promenaded, bused or boated to an idyllic picturesque secret location.

This Saturday you’ll go with your lover or your friend or your soon-to-be-lover.
You’ll wear white.
You’ll bring a small table and two chairs.
You’ll pack a picnic or buy one through Diner en Blanc.
You’ll arrive to your pick up location and your host for the night will look after you.
You’ll feel part of something EXTRAORDINARY.
You’ll eat and drink and be merry.
You’ll feel a little bit spesh.
You’ll dance or people watch to your heart’s content.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before.

I can’t wait to hear your tales of one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Here’s where you buy your ticket: https://tauranga.dinerenblanc.com/register
Last day to do so, is Tuesday 6 March.

See you in the photo albums?

Written by Emily with wild & grace

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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