Recycling with Sheldon Nesdale, a Candidate in the Tauranga City Council by-election 2018 – Waste Minimisation Rua

Conscious Consumer

Do you care about minimising waste in our waterways, earth and wildlife?

We do too.


We encourage you to VOTE in the coming Tauranga by-election. Voting is open until 12pm Monday 1 May 2018.

There are 20 candidates in this by-election for Tauranga.

Meet Sheldon Nesdale in this recorded conversation above.

Recycling Report

If you wanna check the full report out go to:

Democracy – get locals vocal

Here we are sharing about what Sheldon (and i) have learnt about recycling, whilst also encouraging us all to engage in the democratic process. Part of democracy is actively engaging with the world around us, which can mean feeding-forward to local and central government, manufacturers (your favourite brands) and your local retailers what we do and don’t want.

Go well with change.

Written by Emily with wild & grace

Photo Credit: Jon Moore

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