Promoting & producing your arts, cultural or wellness workshop or event through wild & grace

PROMO services – offered by wild & grace

Kia ora Community,

Do you want to sell tickets to your events?
Do you want to know about what’s on?
Do you want free ‘tickets’ to events?
Do you want advice on venues in the Bay of Plenty?

wild & grace mission

wild & grace encourage exchange.
our vision is to share and connect.
we wanna give teachers students, and give students teachers.
we wanna give art and culture participants, and give participants art and culture.
we wanna help make the bay of plenty a thriving exciting place to live and learn.
we’re like the mega-blaster of events, especially when they feature wellness, arts, culture, nature, sustainability, relationships, parenting, joyful living.

Email us your event subject line: PROMOTE to

We’d love to promote your event…

E-mail to include

We’d love to connect with you, when you email please include:

1) the name of the event or workshop or retreat
2) the teacher’s name
3) the day, date and time of the event or workshop or retreat
4) the location name and address
5) 1-2 high resolution jpegs (images)
6) (optional) attach a jpeg of the poster i.e. sometimes we can’t use posters hence asking for 1-2 images for us to choose from.
7) the cost
8) kid friendly (or not)
9) 50-100 words of ‘copy’ of what you’d prefer your ‘post’ to include e.g.

“You’re warmly invited to come sing your heart open.

We meet on the FIRST FRIDAY of each month, at various locations around Bay of Plenty.

No experience required.

For those who haven’t come to Kirtan before, the ‘wallah’ or ‘facilitator’ sings a short phrase, which we then repeat. Our singing is accompanied with harmonium, guitar and percussion. Most people experience Kirtan as an ecstatic experience, and meditative or calming. It’s the perfect way to share a winter’s night with new and old friends.

However you experience Kirtan, we’d love you to join us, to enjoy the sounds of Sarah Marlowe Spence and friends.”

Facebook name and Instagram handle

To help us promote the event easily and throughly, please include the facebook name, and the instagram handle of the:

1) teacher
2) location / studio
3) producer of the event
4) the facebook event
5) a website e.g. for the event, or teacher, or producer’s, or location, or studio

Exchange feels good 

In exchange for promoting your event, or advising on venues we’d like to give our staff or subscribers 1-2 complimentary tickets or 2 for 1 ticket(s) etc to your event.

Intention for exchange

The vision is to make it easier for participants to know about and therefore go to events that nourish and inspire them, whilst making it easier for producer’s to FILL their events, which in turn makes it more sustainable to continue to bring teachers, and events to the Bay of Plenty, of wonder-filled learning and living to do.

How many followers, what pages…

Here’s some stats for you to peruse re: what the exchange of tickets for promotion or advice ‘gives’ you.

50-100 word posts, including 1-2 photos, 1-2 links, up 10 tags facebook and 30 for instagram to (depending on content and relevance) are shared on:

1) wild & grace facebook 733 followers
2) wild & grace instagram 230 followers
3) little YOGA festival facebook 1345 followers
4) little YOGA festival instagram 843 followers
5) The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound facebook 466 followers

wild & grace Audience:
90% are women
Of these:
20% are aged 25-34 years
42% are aged 35-44 years
17% are aged 55-64 years

69% live in Tauranga/Mt Maunganui
4% live in Auckland
3% live in Hamilton

wild & grace review 

A review gives you:
an article
posted to our community via blog and social media
you’re able to continue to use article, photo (watermarked), link, however you wish

Contact subject line REVIEW for further information.

Review examples

Kinfolk – I’m in beautiful – 1,090 views
Yoga Tribe with Coka at the Mount – 375 views
Love Rosie Bakery – Auckland’s Best Cafe in Tauranga – 293 views
Bodywork in the Bay – 185 views

Blogsite readership

wild & grace blogsite:
2017 recorded 32,794 views from 17,415 visitors who on average looked at 1.88 articles/posts.

Most Popular blog articles:
Staying the Night in Tauranga – where to go, what to eat – 4,083 views
Raw Milk Directory Tauranga – 3,601 views
Yoga Directory – Pregnancy and beyond in the Bay – 2,382 views
Directory of Yoga Classes, Studios, Noticeboards, Mats and Workshops in Tauranga & Mt Maunganui – 1,857 views
Guide to Adult Dance & Circus Classes in the Bay of Plenty – 1,857 views
10 places to visit within an hour from Tauranga – 1,213 views

We’ve been making events (little and bigger) and curating this blog for 8 years now. We have gathered people committed to wellness, community, nature, culture, arts, relationships, empathy, pleasure, joy, learning, seeding, and growing together.

We’d love to help you reach more people.
We’d love to share with you what’s happening in the Bay of Plenty.
We’d love to direct you towards workshops that nourish and inspire you.
We’d love to introduce you to like-hearted people through events.
We’d love to grow connections and make your event sustainable and prosperous.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller.

Written by Emily with wild & grace. Photo credit: Photography by Marijke


I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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