Play in the Classroom a 1-day workshop for Teachers with Longworth Education, 11 October 2018 Tauranga

SELL OUT 1-day Workshop for Teachers

On Thursday 11 October 2018 in Tauranga we will be graced with the folk from Longworth Education (who are based in Hawkes Bay) offering a 1-day workshop called ‘Play in the Classroom’. This workshop SELLS OUT across the country. We have deliberately programmed this workshop within the school holidays making it easier and less expensive for schools to send their staff for professional development.

Teachers in the Junior School

This is a workshop especially for Teachers working in the Junior School.

Evening Talk  – Why Play-based learning?

We are also offering an evening (on the same date – Thursday 11 October) presentation/talk for parents, schools and teachers needing to understand the importance OR helpfulness for kids’ development, when they have access to play-based learning in those first years of Primary School.

Here’s what the highly recommended course covers.

‘Play in the Classroom’ with Longworth Education
Effective teaching and learning in a play based classroom

A practical workshop for Junior School Practitioners

This workshop is designed for those beginning their journey into Play Based Learning in the Classroom covering the year 0-3 level, we look at:

* What the research says about Play and how to effectively teach and learn through play

* Aligning the NZ Curriculum with a play-based learning classroom practice

* Understanding the development stages of your students and how to cater to their individual needs

* Learning about Functions of Play and Urges that guide our teaching and learning

* Identifying those indicators within children’s play that suggest children are ready for a more inquiry based approach to learning through play

* How to transition children from New Entrants through to a year 2/3 learning environment

* How to begin assessing the skills and learning occurring during your students play activities

Nathan Mikaere Wallis talks about PLAY, Pennie Brownlee talks about PLAY, Kimberley Crisp talks about PLAY, Playcentre talks about PLAY, Teacher Tom talks about PLAY, Sir Ken Robinson talks about PLAY, John Holt talks about PLAY.

You’d LOVE to join us?


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