Why do i create these weekends of bliss such as ‘Wellness Weekend 18’ Mt Maunganui 8-9 September 2018?

On in under 10 glorious days my dears.

Why do i create these weekends of bliss such as ‘Wellness Weekend 18’?

Years ago i went to Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School.

I am still moved by the mahi we did at ‘Te Whaea’, a graceful wild hug to all our teachers, that space, the people of that time.

We explored what it is to be human – possibly so we could ‘take’ on other human’s ‘character’ for our roles, OR allow the ‘hidden’ parts of ourselves to come to the surface and be accessible for these roles also.

We played with breath, we learnt about the voice, we got to know our bodies, how they moved, where they stored tension, how we walked, how we were unique.

We became mindful. Curious about how we processed emotions.

We opened ourselves. Could we be vulnerable in front of others? Could we be present and LISTEN, LOOK, RECEIVE others?

How did we collaborate? Were we ‘yes let’s’ people? When we said ‘no’ did we offer an alternative? Were we solution based or problem focused? Were we courageous in our mahi? Did we make & do versus sit in fear and procrastinate? Could we be flexible in our lives?

We learnt about how we BE.

We learnt about Creativity, Play, Vulnerability, Connection, Complicity, Fear.

Way back then in windy Wellington i was captivated by the idea that ‘normal’ people could benefit from the learning we were privy to, as a group of actors, or creatives.

‘Wellness Weekend 18’
little YOGA festival
The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound
Wild & Grace

are all aspects of this ‘intention’ ‘movement’ of bringing ‘the process of an actor’ to ‘everyday people’.

One where i’m inspired to connect and share.
To give teachers to students, and students to teachers.
To share theory, practices, rhythms that can shift us, build us, ‘hug us open’.

We’d be honoured for you to join with us, to come together, to learn something more about what it is to be human.

Footnote (if i may): I’m also inspired (for my own and others’ lives) to ‘Find greater and greater freedom’, from and within our minds, hearts, bodies. To help build a most compassionate, courageous, connected, listening condition for us to thrive together and alone.

Final afterthought: I personally am looking for JOY, where-ever, when-ever she lives.

See you soon my hearties

Emily with wild & grace

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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