Play-based learning – why? A TALK for Parents, Teachers and all those curious about PLAY – at Fergusson Park Clubrooms Tauranga 11 October 2018

You’re warmly welcome to join us to hear about:

‘Why learning through PLAY’ is helpful, important, great for kids, schools and families.

The presenters…
This TALK is delivered by an organisation based in the Hawkes Bay – Longworth Education.

Teachers’ 1 day workshop during the day too
Teachers from the Bay of Plenty will have had the opportunity to attend the Foundation course – Play in the Classroom during the day (if you’re a Teacher there are still a handful of places for this 1-day course, click here for info).

Parents TALK that eve
Sooooo, we’re taking the opportunity to offer a TALK to Parents in the Bay, during the evening.

Who is this TALK for?
Any parent and caregiver curious about or questioning PLAY-BASED learning.

You may be a: 
Kindy or Pre-School Dad or Mum (choosing a school for your kids), you may be a
Playcentre Parent, you may be an
Unschooler or Home-based Educator, you may be a
Teacher already in the classroom,
Student Teacher or
Parent or Human Being
plainly, fabulously INTRIGUED in what it means and looks like to be ‘PLAY-BASED’?

What is covered?
More & more New Zealand/ Schools are implementing Play-based learning in their school environment. Why? What is the evidence behind this movement and what does this mean for your children when they enter school.

Linda Cheer of Longworth Education discusses this teaching & learning approach that is growing in popularity around NZ. She will explain what learning through play is and what it is not. She will reassure parents that effective play-based learning environments ensure the ongoing and explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy whilst building holistic learning dispositions and skills necessary for your child’s future success in the 21st century workforce.

You’re in for a goodie of a night
Be prepared for a warm-hearted evening of learning and loving play & our younger people.

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